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Oct 12, 2004

it's pumpkinninny!

from time to time, i may let you down peeps and this past weekend, i felt that i have. i did not attend the ashlee simpson mall concert, due to the potential size of the crowd. i'm not one to usually shy away due to a crowd, but when the crowd has the potential to be chubby high school girls, i back away (sure, you can make a joke about why do i go to rilo kiley shows since a good percentage of the crowd are chubby high school girls, as well, but the quality of the music makes me stay). i drove by the mall around 11 the night before the show and there were girls camping out in the parking lot of sears. yes, people are that nuts over ashlee simpson; so i could've only assumed the worst for the event. f.u.b.a.r. has photos of ashlee in pants that "chunk" from the goonies would wear.

eva longoria is haunting me these days. her show smacks of effort, but it's enjoyable. well, at least the twenty minutes of it, i watched; john waters meets david lynch, but only not as good as that team up could be.

so it's just me, entertainment weekly, and pitchfork who thinks eminem has lost his bite with his latest single? not that i'm the biggest em-er in the world, but i believe it was a better writer than i, who said that the d-12 single, "my band" was a weird al song without weird al, and i want to say that "just lose it" is another weird al song as well. my question is why does em continue to release this horrible lead singles? is that his core fan base are mondo retardo and need a jawn that they can dance to with a catchy chorus that they screamed at their 3rd period english teacher?

i remember when "the marshall mathers lp" came out. it was senior year and the last week of school, kids with cd burners were selling bootlegs out of their cars at lunch. so just imagine, goofy white kids in giant dc sneakers bumping eminem out of their bmw, sitting in the truck charging 5 bucks for a cd. gosh, weren't the early 2000s great?

don't mean to go all 'craig list' on you, but i have shout sumthing out quickly.
-where: in front of the blood brothers' merch booth at the el rey on oct. 8th
-you: sandy blonde hair, just moved out here from georgia
-me: goofy guy in green shirt talking about short people and venues in the la area
felt a spark, but i get distracted easily by short girls with sassy pony tails, so that could explain the lapse in conversation, but let's give it another try!

anybody know if the new mos def album is any good? i've heard mixed things and wasn't throughly impressed when i saw mighty mos a week or two ago on letterman. what happened to my second favorite mc?

can mtv pleave envoke some logan's run style of rules on the new road rules/real world. come on, peeps, it's time to go to carousel; i'm looking at you, coral, the miz, rachel,veronica, and eric nies, amongst others. it's over, please move on with your life. quit hogging up all the screen time from vastly superior real worlders like brad & randy and angela from road rules. you guys sucked the first time you were on the real world, what makes you believe that you're going to be any more interesting seven years later? it's time, kids, it's time. there should be a limit of three; you do them and you're done forever with anything remotely related to the real world or road rules. you know how there's age limits on those who get into the real world house, it should be the same for the competitions or at least move the cut off age to 28 and then you're through. i don't want to be wasting my time trying to spy some angela bath suit action while alls i'm getting is the same old bullshit from coral that i've been getting for four years now. we get it, you start fights and call people 'bitches', guess what? angela cries alot and has a pretty good hair, which makes her more interesting. peace means see ya later, coral.


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