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Oct 19, 2004

keep on livin'

what in the where in the world is carmen sandiego has happened to rachael leight cook? the once super cute starlet is now lookin' like a desperate housewife with crystal gayle hair leaving her job at the native american jewelry store for the pta meeting. uf, if this is what married life does to one, then ladies & germs, then never ever sign me up. or maybe we could place the blame on those cold heart, bitter, angsty hollywood producers, but i'm leaning on marriage, y'all.

so we're in the middle of storm watch 2k4 right now, which in other words, its the time of the year, where we can dress like we live on the east coast for a change. and for once, ugg boots actually make sense but other wise than that, you'll be seein' people wearing north face jackets like it was '94 and they just came up from the 36 chambers.

jeffrey welles' q & a with i heart huckabees director, david o russell; totally not surprised he was influenced by bunuel.


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