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Oct 15, 2004

the law of diminishing returns

boys and ghouls, your humble narrator has been strencthed too terriblely thin, this past week. i've said it before that i will let you down from time to time, but the fact is i've just been so drained from other bullshit to string together a couple of sentences about things i love. i would talk some shit, but lil jon says that's for bitches and i'm not bitch.

adult sized ninja costumes, ap style tests, 20 bucks on fake mustaches, 8am weekend calls, 90 straight minutes of listening to one elton john song and parking lot panic attacks are just somethings that've been rockin' my world.

i need a vacation, but i'll take dinner at morton's as a form of temporary relief instead.

as you may have noticed the photo of seth cohen with a guitar, an acoustic guitar. which leads me to wonder, will the geek who turned being 'nerdy' in a mildly bro-ish trait being penning conor obsert-esque jawns about rachel bilson's whomp bompers this season? just imagine the sonic terror. three more weeks, kids.

some may say the best thing vice has done in a while, others may say, just another good thing or they might just say, 'i don't get it' me, i peeped my pants when i read the thing on dave navarro

watch the video for "drop like its hot,". you'll swear its classic hype circa '99, but it's not. not to mention, pharrell instead of having one of the dudes from clipse cameo in the video, release their new album. the lil jon video had better cameos, stevie williams can't fuck with e-40

so bill o'reilly is a total dickhead on tv, but fleding writer for penthouse during his off hours?

already cantankerous old people are getting even more cantaknerous over flu shot baby mama drama i saw an old lady scream at a reporter that the world is going to hell cause she can't get a flu shot. i drobe by a place that was offering flu shots for the elderly and it was really surreal to see a line full of cream colored pant suits and wrinkled skin wrap around a building.

perhaps the last polaroid scene babe for a while; relaunching in november as "thecobrasnake.com"; you know that girl, if you put on like say, "huddle formation" by the go! team, she'll be smashing beer bottles agains the wall and making out with you and when the song is over, she'll go back to some corner and it will have been the best as well as wort three minutes and 11 seconds of your life; she's a sexy little hurricane. you'll be stoked she was in your life, but more bummed about the damage she'll do when she leaves you.

what happened to the mighty mos def? "the new danger" is most definately disappointing. i took the thing out after 8 songs; uf. i don't mind if an artist wants to grow and expand, but just give us a better heads up, that's all. wasn't not fully ready for the power chords. but what happened to the mos def of songs like "thieves in the night" and "climb"? i'd even take the mos def who dropped that lovely verse on kanye's "two words".

jim jones' "on my way to church" is redonklicous, y'all. in particular "jamacian joint," (could we get a video?). i've slept on cam'ron alot in my life, but when i hear him on other peoples' records, he blows my mind. chipmunk soul samples and gun talk, what's not to love about the album?

two things that indie rock needs right now:
-a ratatat remix of death from above 1979;
-either a dfa remix of bloc party or at least, these guys need to be in a studio together, recording something cause it'd be a waste of a concept. call steve aoki asap!


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