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Oct 1, 2004

the lost science of observational humor

boys & ghouls, i have some big news. your humble narrator has gotten into college. after sluming at saddleback for a long time, i'm moving onto cal state fullerton, unless i get into chapman, y'all.

so yeah, i don't have to sweat anything for a while nowadays. it'll be a constant struggle to maintain a b average, which sadly may be difficult. i only say that in part of a tv production teacher, because everything has to be professional and spot on for her. i highly doubt the term, 'experimental' or the expression, 'we were just having fun' easily come out of her mouth. you see, thats why we're in school, we're supposed to be learning and experiment with tv production. thats what education is all about.

yet when tuesday morning comes around, the class room will become some sad varation on the board room from "the apperciate," where i'll be defeanding my production and trying not to throw people under the bus. it can be easy to name names and point fingers, but the fact is this we're all learning and its sad that somebody is at a lost to find airable programning for the local cable channel. why not put pressure on tv production 2 or tv 3 to fill the void in your line up? i think what will be my down fall is that i'll strive for all of the pieces i create to be unairable by the professor's definations. but why would you to air two stiff, boring interviews that lack any energy as opposed to one that does have energy and is unusual.

its great leap to compare one's self to the cassavetes, but i have a greater understanding of the man. and if he was in community college, he would've probably gotten a c.

oh, george, you blew it!

what's the deal with girls named "maggie" totally be exactly like the rod stewert song, "maggie may"? and why does everybody name their little dog after the song as well? and doesn't everybody know a girl with blonde hair that sorta looks like rod stewert?

speaking of dogs, me and my dog were terrorized this morning by a chihuahua. it just followed us down the street when we were on a walk, trying to hang out with us. yeah, i know we're super cool and all and we listen to howard stern, but the fact, we can't hang with the insurance issues or potential lawsuits.


At 1:02 PM , Blogger spencer said...

love that you have terry richardson as a link. that is funny funny.
i wonder if maggie may is the same girl rod talks about in "stay with me?"
who cares, really.


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