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Oct 21, 2004

neighborhood #3

there are many great words in the english language, such as 'default' and 'free handjobs from victoria's secret supermodel, alessandra ambrosio with purchase of a big gulp,' but now i must add a new one to that particular list, "the power is out. classes have been canceled until 5pm."

sure, i would've love to have gotten a memo of sorts saying that an underground transformer didn't meet more than eye, but instead blew up, creating an old timey vibe on campus similar to what seems to everybody's favorite arcade fire song. yet here's the thing, i lucked the fuck out, god smiled upon me, like she/he/it did on the bo sox. i had a tv project due today and the director was running late, not even finished with all of the elements needed to pull off, so the flop sweat was a brewin'.

i want to point out something that may add an mystical element on this situation, in group, there's a guy from boston. think about it, then do the beat, "drop like it's hot" with your mouth.

and the beauty of th situation is this, its a tv production class and we needed to use cameras and what not and it's so hard to use that equipment when there's no power. when we got the news that the campus police were planning on putting up baracdes, i danced around campus and sang to anybody who walked by: "the power is out, the transformer blew up, class is canceled until 5" yet nobody believed me.

me, i wouldn't lie to anybody. so fuck you, ashton kutcher for making people weary of the truth in whatever form it comes in. i wouldn't dare "punk" anybody because i'm not 12 and my favorite rapper isn't eminem.

so boys & ghouls, the sun is shinning and now i have more time to work on stuff, but most likely, i'll end up reading uncle grambo all day long and think to myself, 'i'll do it a little later, i'll do it a little later.' although, my enjoyment of the free time will become slightly bogged down in my fear of that as soon as i left school, the powe came back on and classes got un-canceled.

talk about an akward moment...

strokes say that maybe it won't be five years until the next album, but don't hold them to it. me, i just don't want to see any more sophie mueller directed videos, even though, the performance was nice.


At 3:11 AM , Blogger Grillo said...

"free handjobs from victoria's secret supermodel, alessandra ambrosio with purchase of a big gulp"

Let's bug the hell out of 7-11 to make this their new ad campaign...


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