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Oct 4, 2004

police & thieves

a new season of "made" starts on wednesday and once again, the producers ignored and rejected my videos and letters. my made would be no different than the nerdy, over weight white girl who wants to become a sassy black girl or the girl who buys her clothing at comic book store that wants to be made into a beauty queen to impress a sk8er boi; if anything it would be a combo of the two.

your humble narrator wants to be made into a person in their 20s with actual sense of ambition and determintion. this show doesn't tackle the very necessary issue of those who still live in the basements of the parents' home. those people don't need the scare straight tatics of dr phil and how his constantly threats of turning people into public urinals, they need fancy editing and a soundtrack of 50 cent and good charolette. hand holding and free diesel jeans will motivie a 20 something to do something other than going to the good will for the most choice ironic t-shirt.

then again, i wouldn't mind being made into a personal assitant. i think that after my of years of education, somehow it'll end up getting the coffee of somebody's son and cleaning up the mess of the previous night with a hooker. so why not provide yours truly with some on the job training, perhaps from robert evans as my made coach. step one would be to get a tan and pick out a power cowboy tie. step two, power tanning and power lunching, and probably the third step would be a training session where i'd probably have to be david spade's assitant for a day and try my hardest not to tazer his ass.

oddly enough, i was about to write about the wacky, david lynch esque happening that have been going down on my neighborhood the past couple adays and somehow work in a reference to the film, deadly friend and being killed by a basketball, when a gang of black & whites are camped out in front of my house, arresting my subject. so that whole joke trolley is sorta on its way to land of unfinished, bad jokes.

food for thought: "laguna beach" is the west coast version of "rich girls"; l.c. is a slightly hotter version of ally without the drug problem or at least that we know of yet and christina, morgan, and, lo are the unattractive, very uinteresting versions of jaime gleicher. lets hope l.c. has a break down while trying to make a mexican themed party.

mark david chapman should never ever be paroled, for as much as most may not want to side with yoko, she's right on this one.

fuck ben affleck and his red sox; go halos!

taking tuesday off, see ya on wednesday, y'all.


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