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Oct 20, 2004

shake the sheet

is it much of a cop out when you want to be a character from the film, the warriors for halloween that isn't a baseball fury? it just seems that if you're going to be somebody from that movie, you have to be a member of that gang because everybody other gang is pretty easy to dress as. i want to be an orphan or a punk. not to mention, i would just worry the whole time about being pulled over by the police with that wacky baseball fury make up on while driving to some party.

some hip tips for those in the 949
-if you find sassy and slumin' scene boys & girls attractive, then i highly recommend you head over to your nearest costume castle or just costume shop in general cause their designer jeans just don't grow on tress and you can't just yet buy drugs on credit.
-if you live in this gray area of i want to say from irvine to san clemente, and you're super bored, on the saddleback channel, they're broadcasting a 'charlie rose' steez interview your humble narrator conducted with robin brown. i have no clue as to air times, but it'd probably on for another week.

stereogum has some spongebob jawns by the shins & the lips

so we're in the eye of the freak rainfall, but i can bet you dollars to donuts, that if you go to any school in the 949 and you'll find a girl probably rockin' a wife beater, short skirt, and ugg boots. now, i know that sounds impossible, but i saw it yesterday and i wish i was better at taking sneaky photos.


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