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Oct 10, 2004

too crazy to care

on friday night, i attended the blood brothers/against me! show at the el rey with lauren taylor and natali hopkins. for the purtists, set list:
-"trash flavored trash"
-"fucking's greatest hits"
-"feed me"
-"birth skin"
-"5 to 1" (a doors cover)
-"beautiful horses"
-"teen heat"
this marked the second time i saw the blood brothers this year and sounded good and played with alot of energy, but it felt a bit rushed. apparently, the blood brothers were trading closing slots with against me! and i went the night that the blood brothers were playing second bananna to bro punk sounds. the crowd was an odd mix as i stood next to some meathead with a marine haircut and a beer in one hand who seemed to be enjoying the sets, but under any circumstances, like if it was high school, he would've beaten up the blood brothers. these two bands didn't make sense together. if the bill was say, blood brothers and moving units, i would've understand or blood brothers and death from above, i would've understand, but a band on fat mike's label and the blood brothers, i don't understand. cute little girls who look like sofia coppola should be able to dance without a fear of being molested at the show, but i saw dudes tryin' to cop a feel.

celebs spotted at the show:
-cedric zavala of the mars volta; i've seen him one other time, at a subtitle show and think he was wearing the same outfit that time as this time.
-steve aoki; last time, i saw the blood brothers, steve was there, but he was hanging out with nick zinner, this time, he was just taking pictures. i wanted to tell him a simple thanks for bringing bloc party to america.
-mark polaroid scene; he's actually a nice guy and perhaps your humble narrator could be found here; el rey babes

on tuesday, "crimes" comes out and if you can get past the screaming of jordan & johnny as well as the oddly higher pitch of johnny's voice, then "crimes" is one of the best albums of the year. they have taken a step forward from last year's great, "burn piano island burn" and expanded upon their sound, like the title cut, "crimes". its an imensely visual and well structured song as crazy as it sounds, there are attempts at melodies. "peacock skeleton with crooked feathers" is an oddly dancey little number that runs laps like a eight year old after he drank jolt cola. the blood brothers represent that shape of punk to come that refused spoke of, so many years ago.

mandy moore & zach braff, a couple? so apparently, alls it takes to get into the sevens of a mandy moore and/or natalie portman type, is to direct a film that heavily bites the style of hal ashby? mothertrucker, sign me up!

the real life versions of people from linklater's dazed & confused are filing a lawsuit. what a bunch of weiners! if i was the basis for a character in one of the best films of the 90s, i'd be super stoked. its a shame that i've only seen dazed & confused one time and that one time was in the 6th grade and i saw it with my dad, yet oddly, we both laughed alot, unsure if it was at the same jokes though.

i walked away from dig! thinking that courtney taylor is a hack and anton newcombe truly is a mad genius. thankfully, newcombe has put a majority of his music on line, can be found here because i oddly enough became a fan of his music. the footage of the bjm's performances are so of the most beautiful car accidents, i've ever seen; in part, you want newcombe to succeed to a degree, yet at the same time, you want him to get into a fight or tangent about how his band will destroy the world. i'm sure if timoner's goal of the film was to show both taylor and newcombes as failures or just how newcombe is self desctructive with dillusions of grandior but, it's a vastly entertaining film either way. i admire timoner's decision to make david la chapelle look like the over rated hack that he is; i mean $400,000 for that video? did half the budget go up his nose? the film made me miss the days where one could wear bug eyes glasses and be cool as opposed to being some sort of bono wanna be.


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