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Oct 24, 2004

walking to do

for those of you who didn't do their pop culture homework or basically, have a life and completely missed one of the best lip sync slip ups since milli vanilli, ashlee simpson on saturday night live, well, my words don't do it justice, just watch read this.(most video links of said incident aren't working) for those on the west coast, the snl producers took out the music. at first, i thought ashlee was going to be on some elvis costello type shit, but then i remember, ashlee simpson isn't that cool nor do i believe that she's even heard of elvis costello.

here ashlee spins as if she's apart of the bush campagin, blaming her band, yet if you look upon the faces of the band, well, to be specific, the bassit and the second guatirst, they seemed sorta happy that she fucked up on such pretengious forum. wow, finally something interesting and funny happened this season on snl; wish more of the same could've been said about jude as host, but they were wasters.

zach braff is the kind of guy who'll do the mcmurphy just got a lobotomy face for like ten minutes or at least to the point where everybody including the cat is uncomfortable, then he smirk, "just fuckin' with ya," where as natalie pormtan, she's like a summer's day. cool, relaxed, and comfy causal.

what happened to the new bone crusher single? was i the only one who liked it? that ying yang twins chorus is so nice, but i guess anything related to jermanie durpi turns into trash unless it has six pack abs and rhymes with fusher. look at janet, dudes.

some say hottest zombie porn(nsfw) since erotic night of the living dead

perhaps, inspired by a recent episode of "laguna beach," your humble narrator went down to south coast plaza to check out the scene. i did in fact, walk by the two make up stores featured in the stores and thoughts of 'i wonder if lc or lo is in there' danced around my mind, yet my last trip to south coast plaza prevented me from having a good time.

as you see, i was slightly involved in a hate crime. well, i was a victim of a hate crime.i was walking to my car, wearing some shorts, blue new balances and holding the stuff i just bought from the paul frank store when these two metrosexuals with their little faux hawks and rock star energy drinks on a break from abercrombie & fitch stared me down with their cold dead eyes and uttered, "fag" at me. so with every step i took in the mall, i looked over my shoulder for over stylized hair and cold dead, hate filled eyes of a metrosexual. i'm sorry if i don't wear three layers of clothing and flip flops, but i am still a human being with feelings and a sense of fashion as well.

fears of being attacked by metrosexuals represented only one part of the problem at the mall. i've entered, if you will, a mid life pants crisis, which can't be explain other than the fact that designer jeans depress the hell out of me and i can't wear the same jeans as some dude in high school who considers jadakiss to be the second greatest rapper of all time behind eminem, of course. or whenever, i find a pair of pants, i like, they don't have any in my particular size or i face the realization that i'm on the verge of spending 160 dollars on a pair of pants. so i'm on the search to find a pair of pants that'll blow my mind.

anyways, boys and ghouls, i'm going to be taking a brief break, in fact, i'll be gone till november. but fear not, i do believe we'll be having missy guest write for a couple of days. we'll be back to cover the election and how important it is since the dude from maroon 5 is urging everybody to vote as well as the new season of "the oc". not to mention, the last time, i went to see lcd soundsystem play, i got maybe 10 hours of sleep over a 5 day period, so we need to get our z's before we see james murphy kick out the jawns next thursday night.

don't forget to pick up death from above 1979's full length, "you're a woman, i'm a machine" out on tuesday, right now, its number 3 on my top ten of 2004 list.


At 2:57 AM , Blogger missy said...

My computer & I are inept. The invitations sent to my e-mail address malfunctioned.

Brief synopsis of what I might have covered:

-Why Fallen Food Legend, Julia Child Deserves to be a Halloween Costume Hit
-December 7 The Arcade Fire Plays Spaceland
-False Hope Sold by Little People at 4AM
-"Cathedral" by the Castanets
-Stephen Colbert Fun Buttons
-Voter's Bill of Rights
-The Meth Hotline

At 8:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to today's WWD, Mischa got the part of Lois Lane in the new superman movie. Yikes.

At 10:54 AM , Blogger Squirrel said...

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