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Oct 1, 2004

young pilgrams

ever have one of those moments where you've just saw something so profound, significant, and moving to you, but when you go to explain this moment to anybody else, you feel utterly stupid and creepier than perry farrell.

at that point right now, kids. i want to believe i have made some profound insight into the world in which i live, simply based on the neighborhood babe dying her hair a chocolate brown color. for a babe of that caliber to from trademark california blonde to dark brown, only points to one thing i want to say about the world i live in.

and by world, i mean, the oc. perhaps its first impact being felt from mtv's expose into the real oc, since amajority of the girls on that phoney show are blonde and come off as rather shallow, all of the blondes that are cool, are dying their hair brown nowadays. nobody wants to be like kristin, everybody wants to be like summer

i'm just imagining a line wrapping around the paul mitchell school or a place like toni & guy of all these blonde girls waiting to get their dyed, all the while, zach braff's favorite band, the shins' "young pilgrams" plays on somebody's ipod.

the oc will slowly be defined not necessarily by its sun kissed blondes in expensive shades, short skirts and ugg boots, but by our brunettes in expensive shades and ugg boots.

yet, the brunettes already owned this place. maybe, most girls are realizing that, "yeah, i'm so much hotter with brown hair and blue eyes and i can now be labeled as 'scene'."

for as good as michael ian black's stint as a guest host stint on the late, late show was, i'm throwing all of my support behind steve harvey as a replacement. one, he would be the best dresser in late night since he makes his own suits and all and look at that mustache, its beautiful. late night needs a mustache more than it needs a female talk show host. steve harvey would probably be one of the most honest talk show hosts because he'd probably tell somebody that their movie sucked or how awesome earth, wind & fire are.

as much as i want to not like the polaroid scene, i have to show my love and respect when they got babes like this and like that; all of those babes are sorta like black sheeps' "choice is yours" you could get with this or you could get with that, but either one is pretty phat.

alls, i have to say about rem is this for a supposed liberial band, they certainly aren't acting like one since clear channel is sponsoring their tour and all. never liked rem, anyways.

the dfa sign a deal with emi with plans to release a second comp in november with a brand new lcd soundsystem jawn its entitled "on repeat"; if anybody has any mp3, i won't say anything unless you say something.


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