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i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Nov 30, 2004

is your dad a dealer? cause you're dope to me!

lil jon gets married, now what's so crunk about that? i mean doesn't that go against his entire persona to be a married man who probably comes home at a reasonable time. i agree with nick dubs ' recent write up about the lyrics in the latest lil jon album, but my uncomfortable feelings are more directed at ice cube's verse on the song, "grand finale". we know that cube has been soft as of late in the hip hop game, but does he really need to attack kobe's accuser so viciously? sure as a laker fan, we all probably said in passing that we didn't like that woman, but cube is just taking it a bit too far. seriously, cube, re focus your attack and center it entirely on kobe, since he's the reason why the lakers will be skating to the playoffs this season. i mean, 40 points in a loss to sac town, way to spread the ball around, you jerk.

tommy lee jones in a cheerleader film actually does equal a bad time not to mention, it's got cedric the entertainer in it. i dunno if you're with me, but i'm starting up a class action lawsuit against cedric the entertainer for false adversting, i've never found him to be interesting nor entertaining, only a ruiner of a good time. cedric the entertainer, more like cedric the party pooper.

sundance '05 to host the premieres for steve buscemi's latest film as well as noah baumbach's wes anderson esque, the squid & the whale. i went to sundance, once. it was cold and i didn't get to see the movie with 2pac in it, so i was bummed, but bear in mind, i was in the 10th grade. if anybody goes, can you boo or at least whisper 'boo-urns' into the ear of marcos siega cause he ruined weezer.

watch the new blood brothers video in really small, blurry and overly pixely quicktime here and be really bummed out cause you would've thought maybe they'd make a better video. myself, my idea for a blood brothers video would probably cost a 100 grand and used about 20 lipstick video cameras and 14 panasonic 24p cameras and take about two weeks to edit, but then again, what do i know?

is it just me but isn't "the oc"'s newest cast member, olivia wilde quite simply a varation of the monet esque hottie kaley cuoco with the most durstest drive in movie theater forehead since christina ricci circa the adams family taking screen time away from rachel bilson with her whiney attempts at being hot and paris hilton esque. could she be any more poochie ish? although on this week's "the oc," the killers drop some science on seth cohen's ass.

alessandra ambrosio: the mixtape (probs nsfw), although we recommend watching and listening to "hip hop" dy dead prez instead of the song playing.

and some of the bestest news i've heard, jenny lewis' solo album due in summer '05. i smell an album chock full of anthems for teenaged girls and nerdy guys like your humble narrator and we'll probably at all of the shows in the area, cause the hottest girl that i've ever seen, was spyed by my eyes at not one, but two rilo kiley shows, including an awkward moment involving me, robin brown, and her in the air section at amoeba.

Nov 29, 2004

luchini pouring from the sky

boys and ghouls, i've been neglecting you and frankly, i thought i could've phoned in the rest of november and rested upon my aunt laurels with that bit about mandy moore and that quick review of wes anderson's latest opus, but i don't think i'm able to. i've been working on two short films that somehow have managed to suck up all of my time and energy. it's not that i'm working with bad people or on bad projects, but i just believe that my time could be better spent watching mtv's "date my mom" and during commercials, flipping over to rap city's throwback day hoping that they play camp lo's "luchini" video, yet instead, i spend 8 to 10 hours sitting right next to a light switch, asking if they need the lights on or off. or my duties are at the other end of the spectrum where i have to deal with directors, actors, crew, and the question, do i have enough money to get my ass through this day?

being a producer is a job that for me, has required me to be the biggest asshole in the whole world. or at least, that's my attitude, i want to get this thing over as soon as humanly possible so i can return to my comfort zone and not have to worry about buying videotape or how will i feed 10 people on about twenty bucks. not to mention, while being the producer, i'm doing eighty five other jobs, all which seem to require the same amount of effort and stress as a producer. i think this is why i'm never proud of any work i've ever done because i have so much anger and hostilty towards it, that i could care less about how it turns out. i want to have a shirt made that says: "the film i hate the most is the one i'm working on".

this upcoming weekend will most likely lead to the 40th nervous breakdown in my short life time because we're shooting 20 pages over 3 days. the last time i saw the project's director, i showed him a fortune cookie i had gotten. it said: "be careful of extravagance".

although, robin brown says that i'm so frustrated and angry all the time about these films is that i'm realizing i want to write and direct films again. and guess what, he's right.

why does pedro almodovar make such great visual films that i won't understand yet must watch anyways like bad education?

if you happened to have checked out the sidebar, you may have noticed that we at the old skeet shoot, have declared alexander payne's sideways as the best film of 2004. where to begin with what's good about this film? the beautifully crafted screenplay by payne and jim taylor, which brings up memories of billy wilder & i.a.l. diamond. payne's direction feels so unbelievablely effortless and honest and the cast in particular paul giamatti just deliever solid, comedic performances. sideways is a film that i walked saying that i saw a bit of myself in this character and that character. it's just flawless filmmaking.

yet before sideways started, i sorta thrown out of the theater. i sat in the dirty theater, taking photos of myself using the camera phone when a security guard asked me to wait outside, while they cleaned it. the security guard, who seemed like he was on meth or at least he paced around as if he was on meth and told me that i should've seen the grudge and not have wasted my time with huckabees simply cause it only played at his theater for a week, cause you know if a film bombs, it totally means that it sucks. the guard also told me that the comedian of the year is not dave chapelle nor sasha cohen baron, but tim allen for his performance in christmas with the kranks.

jean pierre jeunet's a very long engagement is sorta like the french version of cold moutain. not saying that i'ts a bad thing, but the film is long or at least runs long, but its necessary to be that length for the film to be successful. at first, jeunet's trademark quirky style did not mesh with the film, yet as the film went on, i could not have imagined it to be told any other way. so see it on the big screen.

indie rock eva longoria is what i want
it's in my soul, it's what I need
indie rock eva longoria, it's time

two of us
flipping through a thrift store magazine
she plays the drums, I'm on tambourine
bet your, your bottom dollar on me

it's indie rock eva longoria for me
it's Indie rock eva longoria for me
it's all i need
it's indie rock eva longoria for me

in a clutch
i'm talking every word for all the boys
electric girls with worn down toys
make it up, break it up, what do you care
oh what do you care?

i take my twist with a shout
a coffee shop with a cause, then I'll freak you out
no sex, no drugs, no life, no love
when it comes to today

stay if you wanna love me, stay
oh don't be shy, let's cause a scene
like lovers do on silver screens
let's make it yeah, we'll cause a scene

it's indie rock eva longoria for me

god, i hope that joke worked. but seriously, that's the future mrs. skeet on mischa right there, but the problem is that she has that brooke shields, pretty baby vibe about her. yet, if you're looking for a x-mas present for your humble narrator, that's it right there. although, people have always told me that you give people as presents, but you could make up a phone number and say that it's the girl's number and it could be this great prank phone call moment, but what do i know?

speaking of x-mas gifts, i sure could use a copy of the german import dvd of mario bava's blood & black lace.

and also, we're through with short hair or at least girls with short hair. it's played out and to para quote sebastrain grainger, "let your spirit free!"

while you've just spent the past coupla days feeding your faces with turkey sandmiches and things of that nature, take a break and feed your ears something delicious, the rub has brand new lcd soundsystem and bloc party jawns, listen here. after listening to those songs, finicial wizards say that your best bet is to invest in dancing shoes futures in '05.

if you have a full copy of either albums, do not send them to me. i repeat, do not send to me. but if happen to have a copy of the m.i.a./diplo mix, "piracy funds terrorism volume 1," holla!

anybody else see the re mixed, re edited version of that rather awful version of saturday night live with ben affleck as the host? details here; i mean why would they trot out a different version of a sketch? neither version generated any laughs.

to anybody going to the kills show at the troub on tuesday night, please a written report on the new jawns and is alison still on the blow, cause me thinks that the kills won't be as good when sober.

and thanks to fluxblog for posting that blow song the other day and thank goodness, that ep is on itunes music store.

Nov 24, 2004

staring at the sun

somebody said that sleeping later is better for your constitution. i agree, but spending a day in newport beach, talking shit and making jokes will do just about the same for you as well.

lately, i've been making an effort to be more socialable and meet babes like her, but i end up running into some girl whose wearing the same paul frank shirt as me and saddly, it looks better on me; the cobra snake took it to the next level with this set plenty of babes and goofy guys in blazers too.

Nov 22, 2004

in a world gone mad...

there's eighty five million things to talk about right now and eventually, we'll get to them, but we have to put an end to these agent package deals because why is one of the greatest actors in the whole world, dustin hoffman is going to do a movie with dax from "punk'd"? yeah, its all dollars and cents, but why dustin hoffman, why? weren't you the man who starred in straw dogs and now you're slumming in bad sequels with ben stiller and car movies with some dude whose only claim to fame is acting like a hick on the front lawn of jessica simpson? seriously, mr. hoffman, for as much as i respect you, can you please be credited as dustin gallagher from now on.

this is the front graphic on the pacers' website, so proud!

all right, boys and ghouls, my swedule is jammed pack with things this week. so this will probably be the only update for the week and if i do get any free time, i think i'd probably spend it sleeping or finally watching sideways or hunting down that agryle paul frank hoodie, but if isn't the mall gonna be like ron artest at a pistons game.

and besides, i gonna spend my whole day with my fingers cross that i get a nice seat at the egyptian and hope that audrey tautou shows up.

Nov 19, 2004

the stressed out life

yeah, i saw wes anderson's the life aquatic with steve zissou.

it's good, but style wise, it's probably anderson's least cleanest film and which i mean, like editing and the camera movements. where rushmore and the royal tennebaums were very calculated and precise and drew directly from influences like truffuat, strugess, and renior, the life aquatic style wise is more in line with the earlier works of cassavetes, the italian neo realism movement of the 60s as well as the 70s italian thrillers like deep red. the performances are good, in particular willem dafoe. still undecided about how much of an influence the new writer, noah baumbach had on the film, it'll probably take a second viewing.

but, it's good. not great, but not bad either. its entertaining.

one of these days, i'll probably write up a decent review.

then again, i always tell myself that one of these days that i'm gonna ask the sexy girl from across the street if she'll wash my car.

Nov 18, 2004

day tripper

why is every single religious group, conversate group and ptaa group losing their ish over the "the nicollette sheridan incident from monday night football? i could understand losing your ish strictly on the circumstance that nicollette sheridan is a dude, but for what? that type of behavior can be seen every morning on "the bold & the beautiful", so why aren't those groups attacking these shows?

either you're upset because you weren't selected to vote or you're upset at the list, but the list of top 40 american bands put together by [information leafblower] is a great read. and of course, i created my own list of people that should've been on the list, minus the flowery prose:
-scott heren aka prefuse73 aka savath y savalas aka piano overloard
-lcd soundsystem
-the blood brothers
-the kills (one half of the band is american, at least)
-dan the automator
-the like(yeah, i'm reachin' but the girls are cute and they're future jenny lewis')
but, that's all i can think of without having to reach a bit and name somebody like the moving units or thinking of somebody from overseas.

an evil dead remake in the works? somewhat unnecessary, but sam raimi is producing the film along with bruce campbell with apparently the dude who did old boy might be directing, so interesting first act, really slow second act and a third act that tries too quickly to make up for the second act.

ali g to follow in the footsteps of peter sellers?

so the other day, i went to an indoor shooting range to pick up some bullet shells for props and the odd thing was that the owner of the range was wearing a similar sweatshirt to my green paul frank sweater. while, i would not have worn a gun with my sweatshirt, but for him, it totally worked. so perhaps gun enthusiansts and indie kids aren't that different.

speaking of paul frank, the new holiday line is pretty hot, in particular the argyle hoodie. it would make for a great christmas present for your humble narrator.

and speaking once again of shooting ranges, chicks dig guns or at least some chicks do. so if you can get some used targets, just walk around holding them up, saying stuff about how you're a good marksman and stuff.

anyways, i gotta go and watch a big deal film tonight.

Nov 17, 2004

looks like a bad week to quit sniffin' clue

seriously, what has happened to the hip hop community this week? first, we lose odb. then kanye west throws a hissy fit like a seven year old in the aisle of toys r us when he doesn't win the best new artist award at the american music awards, then somebody tries to punch dr. dre in the head at the vibe awards, and apparently, young buck stabbed that dude at the vibe awards

i mean what's next? nelly to replace condoleezza rice as bush's national security advisor? fat joe to get stomach stapling sugery and change his name to the rapper formely known as fat joe? pharell to get rid of his trucker hat and ugly sneakers for a clean pair of new balances?

if you're gonna buy a copy of "crunk juice" by lil jon & the eastside boyz, make sure you can find the one with the bonus dvd. it may cost a little more, but watching rick rubin and lil jon talk about slayer is absolutely priceless, seriously, just watch it. as for the album its self, i have only listened to a couple of the tracks and it's lil jon, so it ain't all that bad, but ice cube's verse on "roll call" feels just forced and unnatural or at least unnatural coming out of the mouth of the ice cube we know today. you know the star of the upcoming film, are we there yet?

oh, rachel b, why are you such a sassy little gangster? too bad, "the oc" is in the poop shot, and members of my old party crew say that we need to watch the show together again for it to be good.

we got our first bit of hate email at the old skeet shot, today. apparently, we hate asian people, which is weird cause if you know me, i pretty much hate everybody, regardless of your gender, race, and sexual preference or if you like to take your time when doing your hair in the morning. so to say that about us, is sorta weird and we could always bring out the card of 'some of my closest friends are asian,'(although, we're feelin' pretty shit for returning evelynn's calls) or we could say that the past three nights have been spent in a frantic search for asian porn, but perhaps thats not good enough for people. so we could apologize for our comments about how annoyning asian metrosexuals are only because we are a bit of jealous towards them since they wear nice jeans and have cool haircuts.

then at the same time, we could state its a bit overactionery to send hate mail because we made that statement about asian metrosexuals in a sentence about ugg boots, but the fact is, boys & ghouls, both ugg boots and metrosexuality were already dead fads before we made our snaps, they died in early '04; well i take that back, metrosexuality died when ryan seacrest got canceled, y'all.

yet, what's far worse is to be accuse me of being a metrosexual.i had a semi conversation about this matter on tuesday with a hair stylist and you know how i brought a photo of jude law with me, so i have an idea of how i wanted my hair done, which made me feel sorta metro, then the stylist said that her next client ocassionaly brings his own flat iron when he gets hair cut and will straighten his own hair during the haircut.

besides, we got bigger fish to fry nowadays. it's called exit music and the 18 hour days i'll probably spend working on it. read my director's blog; i believe he'll write about the production.

so see ya laddle, ladies and germs.

Nov 16, 2004

that's entertainment

how dare the women of real world/road rules: battle of the sexes 2 can the ever so lucaious angela road rules, a drama queen? sure, angela may have had her fair crying incidents, but she wasn't back stabbing and starting screaming matches with other girls. she unlike all of the tubby, old veterans of bunim-murray reality programs who have made a rather patheic career of being of these challenges, treated the thing like a game and tried to keep it real and have a bit of fun with it instead of a last ditch effort to provide more attention onto a fleding, well you take your pick: acting/singing/modeling/hosting/fitness modeling/web site career.

the only reason why angela was voted off was because old saggy switches were jealous of a girl with boom and a cute hair cut. not to mention, she's totally into good music, like portishead.

speaking of which, when we will ever get another album from them?

all right, i gotta collapse now.

Nov 15, 2004

the mandy moore moodometer

let's face it, we've been pretty stressed lately, making that leap from a constant complainer to a man wearing too many hats on the set of a short film.

then we started to think about the rest of the production and making props and securing locations and finding actors and like eighty five million other things still left to do. not to mention, we haven't been able to find a copy of "white people" by the handsome boy modeling school.

but then we talked to robin brown about stuff, which calmed us down and listened to "apache" by the incredible bongo band like twenty times in a row and had an improtu kitchen dance party, which was awesome.

then my dog started to cough and so we took her out on a walk.

then we watched a bit of jimmy kimmel's monologue during the amas.

we shot some evil eyes at jc chasez cause he was with eva longoria at the amas.

oooh, eva longoria...

then we remember we had a paper to write for journalism, but all we wanted to do was sleep. yet we did neither, instead we wrote this bad joke.

Nov 14, 2004

shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yay,

r.i.p. ol' dirty bastard he'll forever be the orisus of this shit, he shat in the front lawn of hoes, and we'll always gonna remember that wu tang is for the children.

since you may be bumming right about now, may i suggest this game to cheer you up:
-the cobrasnake hits up the faint/tv on the radio glasshouse show, so try and figure out which girls are of legal age and try to find the photo of the bro who ripped me off cause i did that same exact thing the last time the faint played the glasshouse in april of '03.

filming went well this weekend. i would've taken pictures but my digital camera got attacked by ghosts and it doesn't want to work anymore. not to mention, it's hard to bust out the camera phone and snap away when you're worried about interefence from the phone picking up on the audio you're recording. .

if you're gonna be taking new asian cinema at cal state fullerton in the springtime, see ya there!

i feel so late coming to the game, but swisha house is blowing my mind right now. in particular the jawn, "still tripin'" by slim thug, mike jones and paul wall.

and where can a nerd pick up a decently priced liquid liquid album? their re-recording of "bell head" on the dfa comp is once again, blowing our minds and the source of some the worst dashboard drumming in the history of the world.

Nov 12, 2004

no time for ramona luv, dr. jones

it may have taken me at least two episodes to figure it out why i'm not diggin' upon the season numero dos for "the oc". it's not that the dialogue has become chock full of exposition and comic book related banter. or the fact that one of the major storylines for this season is an utter rip off of the vastly superior, "arrested development". the problem is all of the new characters, even right down to archie the contracter who'll probably only be in like two episodes have that poochie the rockin' dog vibe. all of these characters are either distracting or annoyning, well actually, they're both and rather piss poor retreads from last season. peeps, is zack attack not the male version of anna? is dj the gardener not just the hispanic version of ryan? mr. schwartz, can't you and your army of writers try a little harder than this? at this rate, i wouldn't be surprised if the writers start stealing plot lines from "laguna beach".

another thing i realized was that during the first season of the show, i had a lot of people over at my house, so i spent a majority of my time making cookies or cutting up ice cream cake to really pay attention to the show other than rachel bilson's boobies and making the ocasional 'whoa' noise. so perhaps, i'm realizing that this show isn't good unless you're in a room with other people so there's somebody for the jokes to bounce off of.

the beauty of life in southern california is when it gets to be like 60 deesgrees outside, its okay to wear a scarf. mostly babes can pull the scarf off or if you're an orlando bloom, jude law type, but anybody else wearing a scarf just looks like they can't handle weather at all.

the world got a bit of a sneak preview of what they wish would happen to steven cojocaru; only if, dudes, only if that could've come true.

hey triniti, why are you all 'bumpa clot' status when you're claiming sherman oaks? i never knew that there was a mean dance hall scene in the valley. i just thought it was all porno and hot temperatures.

today marks the first day of production for the short i've been working on, exit music. a quirky, little surrealist tale about art stars and what not. so if the updates seem sorta few and far between or not that certain level of quality you've become accustomed to, i'm at work. it's like tim kasher said, "art is hard" when he didn't say that, he just named a song that.

i've been trying to get my main man, p.o.b. to do some guest writing, but he said he was too busy getting all up inside madonna but he did send some mustache wax as a way to say, 'sorry charlie'.

Nov 11, 2004

digital ash

i must extend a gigantic shout out/thank you to uncle grambo for the generous plug on wednesday's update. maybe we'll get him jackie the joke man's joke machine & calculator as a gift.

according to jackie the joke man, these joke machines are great for unpopular kids in elementary school because everybody will be want to be their friend with such great jokes and well, the cool kids will be a bit cooler cause they got all the good jokes.

on wednesday, i was in a lab talking with a photography teacher on how to accurately recreate a dark room for the short i'm working on. no big deal, right? wrong, way wrong, dude. for in the room was a major babenous rex in the room, but the girl was more like raptor, short, sassy, and oddly lethal. well, just to call her a babe is an understatement. this girl was like what i imagine hanging out with wayne coyne of the flaming lips for a day would be like. after i presented my question, the girl would turn around and just sass ish it up. she would brush her bangs out of her face and bite on her lip in a very calculatical manner. each move she made felt pre planned in an attempt to distract me from what i was trying to do. yet it felt so spontanious and causal.

maybe the girl was flirting, but i was too involved with seeking realism in my project to pick upon it. i guess that's how much i love my art. now nobody can say that i didn't do my job because i probably blew a moment in love (art of noise steez, of course) with perhaps the hottest girl to ever rock flip flops at my school.

while everybody complains about women and their ugg boots, which is fine, but what is far more durst, is when dudes wear ugg boots. its worse than metrosexual asian boys (a developing subject matter), i mean how lazy are you to be wearing ugg boots in the rain? if you surf, then it kinda slides, but other than that, it's lame. i won't front on y'all, your humble narrator had a pair of uggs when he was in the third or fourth grade, which i ruined within two months. uggs and puddle jumping don't go hand in hand.

hey cammy d, way to strip j.timberlake of his manhood now, the kid has to make "grindin' part 2" to boost his street cred.

i don't mean to spit in your salads, but i'll be seeing a very important, big deal movie a week from today. hopefully, i won't choke when it comes to the q & a portion of the screening like when i saw the brown bunny with vincent gallo there or the time i saw a clockwork orange with malcolm mcdowell there and hopefully, nobody will ask the person about cgi like they did with malcolm mcdowell.

i wish that i had some grand thing planned to celebrate my 100th post on the old skeet shoot, but sadly, i don't. although, i would like to thank mischa barton because if it wasn't for her butter face status, horrible acting, and greasey boyfriend, i would have no name sake.

don't forget to check out "the oc" tonight and be majorily disapointed by it. seth cohen will wear some nice paul frank shirt, summer will look boobalicous as always, and some witty pop culture laced banter will be heard. it's just like "laguna beach" cept only with smart people and no mexican gangsters.

Nov 10, 2004

the golden path

do i have to really write about last night's "laguna beach"? cause pretty much, all the non drama drama that's been happening the past coupla weeks happened again. the show its self, has already blown its load with the incident between the mexican gangster and trey, who has about as many costume changes as some lady who hosts an award show, not to mention, continues to baffle the world with his tribute to 'heroin chic' with that belt on his left arm, but oddly enough, the show had its moment, two moments for an episode that should've been loaded with great moments, the prom episode, but all that was good was the moment when some dude bounced around the defination of ostentatious on wheels, the hummer limo, then poked his head out to throw up. then there was the conversation between a drunken stephen & kirstin about her senior formal, yet what made this moment so good was due in part their choice of head gear: a flapper's hat and l.c's attempt to break up the moment in love (art of noise steez) by shouting, "that was our last dance, stephen!" to no avail, then the look of pure frustration that broke out like that you get zit after eating little ceaser's pizza all over l.c.'s face.

apparently, next week, the "laguna beach" kids get attack by bears; try and top that ish, josh schwartz.

so we're all bumming about natalie portman's nude scenes being cut out of closer and with the way, mike nichols talks about his reasoning behind cutting those particular scenes looks like a mega slim to nil chance for them to re appear upon a dvd release unless some sleazebag like joe francis finds it and releases a video called 'natalie portman: out of control & she's lost her pants!!!!!' (i would assume there'd be a couple more exclamation points in the title). but we shouldn't be bummin' too much since there'll be some portman tees revealage in the film never the less.

in other tee revealing news, kevin smith fans discuss whether these are avril's boobies are or not(nsfw)

tiny mix tapes seez a new out hud album in smarch '05 while members of !!! are in out hud, your humble narrator believes that those dudes should quit and be in out hud full time, then tour the world with lcd soundsystem; watch the video for lcd soundsystem's "losing my edge" here[video link via soviet panda]

since i'm not very good with numbers, so my math may be a bit off, but here at the old skeet shot, we're basically a post away from hitting that ever so lucrative syndication mark, a 100 posts. i'm totally surprised that we've lasted this long, so far.

i love adriana lima(see the brazil wall in my office) and all, but why did she hit up the tanning bed and blonde up her hair? she was perfect before, now, she just looks like some girl from the hipster bar in h.b. that plays zero 7 and has cheap beer, but you're already too drunk from the pitchers of beer at bowling an hour earlier, so it's a total bust. alessandra ambrassio is just keepin' it gangster.

Nov 9, 2004

alls i ever wanted to be was a personal assitant..

because i believe that somebody at an agency has pulled a prank upon me. oh well, life goes on and perhaps, somebody may have sensed that your humble narrator was a bit of a 'green horn' when it comes to producing. oh well, at least we tried and it returned my sense of optimism in spite of what's going on with the world.

a bookkeeper for murder inc. recordsd gets charged with laundering, yet what the real crime that seems to go unnoticed by the law, the fact that ja rule continues to make albums. people are making this big deal about ja rule making a comeback of sorts with his new album, but doesn't anybody else remember he released a whole album of 50 cent diss songs around this time last year and ja had that weird infomercial with louis farrakhan about how they gotta increase the peace in hip hop. funny, nobody seemed to care when ja tried to be all hard yet when he's got that robot, ashanti on the hook, everybody seems to pay attention.

i'm siding with uncle grambo here about all of this 'halo 2 mania that is going down. frankly, video games have been a dead scene for yours truly ever since i beat streets of rage 2

anybody notice that all of the black girls all collectively lose their shit when a cynthea got voted off road rules/real world: battle of the sexes 2; whatevs, cynthea has a kid and you know the reason why all the old timers want the new girls off? the newbies bodies are too rockin', i mean thats what angela said on the show last night, yet only not in those exact words.

its my life and my dreams, nothing is gonna stop me now

one time, jenny lewis of rilo kiley told me that she's an optimist. well, not me personally but it felt like it was since the casbah is so small and i think she was refering to jimmy tamborello's technical difficulties at the time, but that's beside the point. ever since that night in san diego, i've been an optimistic person.

from time to time, my mind has been put to the test and well, last week, i became the most apatheic kid, evs. although, many may argue that i've built my whole lifestyle around being apatheic. but on monday afternoon, my optimism was put to the test. for the past coupla weeks, your humble narrator has not been putting the normal 110% here, my mind has been else where, working on a couple of shorts, but more specifically producing a short film that's a surealist take on the art world. it's funny and most importantly, weird.

so i've been calling friends at film school for recommendations & suggestions for cinematographers and hitting up the sites for parts. some things have worked while other things haven't yet (are you or do you know a good cinematographer with their own 24p camera with a couple of free weekends in november? email me @ dreinhardt@earthlink.net), my project's director, mark came up with the idea of casting...

zooey deschanel for a part in the film. the situation is basically win-win. win if zooey agrees to be in our movie, and win, even if she says no simply cause we tried to get a big name into our short. in theory, this move should give us carte blanche for the rest of the semister in the class. not to mention, for being the good actress that she is, zooey is still under the radar for most peeps.

so on monday afternoon, i stood out in the cold on my cell phone with the horrible speaker phone and proceed to call up her agent. it sort of felt like calling a girl back in high school, cept instead of it being the girl with nice knobs from english, it's william miller's cool older sister. when the receptionist picks ups, i nervously ask for her agent, which lead to a game of hot potatoe from personal assitant to personal assitant. every time, i'd ask my question, then they would say, "hold on, you want..." and i'd be connected to another person, who would in turn give me to somebody else, and that's all i'll say about the situation.

now, i'm in a position where i'm not sure if i should've spilled my guts to the blogosphere only because it'll make me look bad, if things go south or get out of hand. do i believe that she'll be in our movie? probably not, but does it hurt to write about how we try to get her in our movie? hopefully not.

let's just say this, it's alot cooler than writing about trying to get haylie duff or tara reid or her sister to be in your movie. although, if anybody knows samaire armstrong...

perhaps the greatest tv theme song of all time, "perfect strangers" [via ultragrrrl] and perhaps the best part of the latest 'treehouse of horror' episode other than the part when ralph wiggium smoked opium.

hey indie 103, last time that i checked U2 was about as corporate rock as you get. frankly, i'll take kroq's playing of my chemical romance's "i'm not okay (i promise)" 20 times a day as opposed to hearing the bloated lyrics of an irishman with a joel strummer complex and black flys. yet radio in la is getting weirder and weirder with the costantly battling between indie and kroq, i tune into kroq and hear "new slang" by the shins, so i flip around the dial and land upon indie playing, guess what, "new slang" by the shins. pretty indie, but it's totally ruined when you pump out the velvet revolver right afterwards.

james murphy of lcd soundsystem could've been a writer on "seinfeld"? thank god, he said no because the world would be without "yeah" and nobody would dance anymore unless you were in a dance battle against yourself; dfa's complation #2 is out now at the cool record stores, but not avaiable until today at most orange county record stores or at least that's what the clerk at tower yelled at me while the both of us were searching for it. well his actual quote was: "stop! this is pointless, sir. the album doesn't come out until next week".

as opposed to singling out one particular babe, mark polaroid scene aka the cobra snake has made it very difficult and just has an whole army of babes to admire; although if we have to pick out one, it'd be these girls cause i have a thing for asian girls who mix it up and you just know that these girls are an istant party, just add booze, a hot beat and somebody's clothes will be coming off that night.

a bit of a plug for friends, but nowhere as blanat as josh schwartz's plug for his buddy, paul frank, but bento productions are apart of an art exhibition at the laguna art museum. make a sunday out of it if you're in the greater southern california area. drive down pch, grab a smoothie, attempt a little trey & l.c. gawking, then watch some great short films from orange county's emerging filmmakers.

for all of comic book nerds, the incredibles will be the closet thing to seeing a film version of the legendary "the watchmen". the incredibles, its self is a smart, well made film that has lots of love for what it satirises.

somebody should've told jay-z that linkin park kinda sucks cause boy howdy does "numb encore" suck. if hov wanted rock mash ups, he needed to holla at nick catch dubs and listen to that remix of terror squad.

speaking of catch dubs, he has photos from the new luda/spike jonze collabo. so spike went through with it after all, hooray!

sunday night's "arrested development" had to have been one of the funniest half hours in recent memorey.

and perhaps one of the most bestest show news since james murphy decided to visit la, phoenix will be at the troubadour on december 12 and on december 13, they'll be at cane's in s.diego. so bring your favorite mandy moore type and your best dancing shoes for these shows cause you'll probably wanna make out and dance all at the same time, which, well, i guess, that's sex, so maybe you would want some sex after the show, either way, the troub show is their only all ages show of their mini tour of the states.

Nov 8, 2004

the disapointment of convenience

dear josh schwartz,

i flip through an article in people magazine about what the cast of your show, "the oc" did over the summer. brody just hung around and got stoned, yet he didn't say in those words; mischa cemented her status as a butter face, and well, the guy who played ryan just begged for attention. so after watching last thursday's night episode, the season premiere of season 2, i have a few questions to ask about your summer: did you hang out with erlend oye? could you not get the album, "riot on an empty street" off your ipod when you went to crunch? simply cause i believe you have become a king of convenience.

the writing is what made your show so good in the first place. it wasn't a bunch of 16 year olds pretending to be in a david mamet play nor was it the high melodrama of an aaron spelling production of the mid 90s, "the oc" was smart and funny. yet with the show opener, i want to believe that the show has changed it setting from my home turf to a little town every single writing teacher will tell to never visit, "exposition city".

sure, one could chalk up the whooping amount of exposition to it being the openner, but for pete's sake, every single fucking conversation was about something that happened off screen. "oh well, i went there over the summer." "i did summer over the summer." yadda yadda yadda. move the story forward.

although, when you attempted to move the show forward, plot points were so terriblely conveniet. you created interesting situations for your characters to be in, yet when it came to facing them and figuring out a way to bring them back home, it was a cop out. seth ends up in portland with luke, how convenient. teresa fakes the lose of her baby, so ryan can go back to the oc, how convenient.

and when you have this oppurnity to give mischa barton a great monologue or at least a couple of good one liners, you piss it away with a bad scream and senseless deck chair violence.

it seems that "the oc" is going to become more and more like "arrested development" with the impending storyline of caleb being investigated by the feds for wrong doings in the real state biz.

well, mr schwartz, i don't want to spit in your salad the whole time. i did like the whole summer going all i heart huckabees angle, but other than that, last week's "laguna beach" was way better, dude.


douglas reinhardt

Nov 4, 2004

return to the gold soundz

who isn't surprised by this lost by the l.a. kobe tryants?

"the oc" is back tonight. you better watch so mischa barton's boytoy can buy cooler clothes or at least a blow dryer.

Nov 3, 2004

we can't hate on her...

cause she voted, or at least i think she voted.

i bet if we had rachel bilson handing out free h.j.s to horny 18-24 year old male voters in exchange for kerry votes in all of those lamey states, kerry would've won and we wouldn't be bummed cept for rachel bilson cause she would've probably gotten carpal tunnel syndrome or something.

and for those, who think we're sorta slippin' on our babe of the week, we're not because since angela road rules is still in the mix of this season's battle of sexes 2 and once she's out of it, which could be as soon as next week, we'll change it. in related news, mtv is letting the viewers help pick out the cast for the next road rules/real world challenge here, but sadly, you can't put all of the old, sad, patheic, and unattractive girls onto a single team, so durst. i'm sorry but i want a team solely of mallroy from 'real world: paris,' cara from road rules: south pacific, and jamie from real world: san diego, who most say the hottest girl in the history of real world.

curb your irony

to be honest, i watched the premature ejaculations known as 'early returns' from anchormen without the charm & charisma of one ron burgundy and i freaked the feck out. panic attacks and naucesa ensued. i mean, i had put so much into this election, walking around like a zombie moaning, "zombies love kerry & brains,"; sending text messages, and yelling at friends to register to vote with the false threat of "i won't be your friend anymore."

feck, i even went on the late on air with ryan seacrest show back in june and endorsed john kerry. yeah, your humble narrator said that george bush sucked on a dog & pony show with frequent plugs for the latest clay aiken jawn. thats oddly how much i had invested in this election.

so to in an attempt to avoid a full fledge depression, i ventured into a world where the biggest problem isn't if cleveland actually rocks for once or should we begin to pelet the city with rocks, but it's which trucker hats do i model at the fashion show for my phoney non profit organzation. i just tuned out the whole world and watched "laguna beach" and within about 5 minutes, my worries about the world disappeared, only because i became so distraught about if stephen was gonna go to the blink show with kristin, not to mention wondering exactly why trey was wearing a belt around his left arm; was he too lazy after shooting up? let alone if the laguna beach kids were gonna leave the blink 182 show without getting into a fight with that mexican gangster version of wee man?

yet, what really blew my mind was when "laguna beach" entered 'bunuelien' terrority, lo, l.c., and morgan who live in the oc watched "the oc" together, and it was the episode of "the oc" about a tv show that was about the oc, as well. so it was me in the oc watching a show about the oc, with that show about the watching another show about the oc, which in turn was watching a third show about the oc.

then i wake up in the morning, to realize i got bigger problems then the kids of laguna beach. bush sorta won, my dog wants to be like richard dreyfuss in close encounters of the third kind and apparently, i got a screw stuck in one of my tires.

Nov 2, 2004

filmore jive

during my week off from the blogosphere, your humble narrator did a smidgen of soul searchin', if you will. i took a step back and looked at "the scene" from fresh eyes. i realized that my life had been lacking a certain something that couldn't be describe, but i knew i wasn't getting it from "the scene". i just couldn't spend another day of me life stressing out who's the hot new garage rapper or spend an hour of my life trying to find some killers b-side or spend up to a 100 bucks on some designer clothes. i needed to simplfy, boys and ghouls, and i found the bestest way for me to simplfy my life. i was leaving school when the muffled rumbles from a horrible system in an expensive suv stopped me in the tracks, i stood there in the parking lot, waiting for this suv to pass me by, so i could get a listen to the lyrics of the song that would end up changing my life.

suburban life aint what it seems
suburban life the american dream
suburban life so pretty and clean
suburban life aint what it seems

"suburban life" by the kottonmouth kings has to be the most honest and real song i've heard in my whole entire life. never has truer lyrics been written about the world i live in. i've never related to a song by brandon flowers since i'm not mormon and i don't get discount at urban outfitters, i only get disgruntled looks from the girls behind the counter at urban outfitters, but big daddy x's lyrics are just so honest, fresh and real. the dude doesn't even have to deal with the hassle of cool clothes, he just keeps easy, dickies.

that's what i've been searching for, something real. so i sold all of my cds and designer jeans for some dickies and the only music i'll ever need, "royal highness" by the kottonmouth kings.

well, that didn't really happen. in fact, i just drove around listening to pavement's "crooked rain, crooked rain" during a hellacious rain storm playing 'anywhere but here'. where i was, quite simply. me and samaire armstrong on a beach in malibu talking about finally going through with our idea of openning up an indie bed & breakfast in santa barbara.

not to mention, that our return to the internerd would've been sooner, but your humble narrator had spent his monday getting all bloody as if it was in an argento film at an empty marine base. i recommend acting in a horror film to anybody, but don't wear your favorite pair of desigenr jeans cause the whole crew will goof on you about fake blood getting on your jeans the whole time you're made up.

i would like to extend a thanks towards missy for her attempts to do some guest writing, but i guess blogger was not prepared to handle all the heat she was gonna generate from her snaps, so here's a list of topics she would've hit upon:
-Why Fallen Food Legend, Julia Child Deserves to be a Halloween Costume Hit
-December 7 The Arcade Fire Plays Spaceland
-False Hope Sold by Little People at 4AM
-"Cathedral" by the Castanets
-Stephen Colbert Fun Buttons
-Voter's Bill of Rights
-The Meth Hotline

this girl went out as a babe from this past halloween, oh wait, no she's just a regular babe. i know that halloween party weekend has past, but what i must say is that a major party foul is when there are random 16 year old girls with nice hair cuts and cute, anna karina style shoes at your party and you're wearing 'jared from subway' jeans.

for as much as i love the cobra snake, i gotta say, he lost a smidge of buzz when he posted a photo of holly from big brother on his site; the evidence, although, the girl in the middle of that photo is redonklicous.

seriously, i'm not sure if i want to live in a world or surf on the internets where zombie porn gets banned; what's next, the thigh master can't wax poetic about elisha cuthbert no more?

we get it, you're gay. now, could you please go away. wow, way to take a joke from late 2003 on your return post, douglas reinhardt.

last thursday night, while everybody and their kid sister were at the interpol show, anybody who's cool was at the echo to witness the first la apperance of lcd soundsystem. set list and such, but i'll just say this, if lcd soundsystem ever comes to your town, just go. don't even worry if you'll like the jawns, just go and bring your best pair of dancing shoes. lcd soundsystem is my officially now my favorite band and james murphy is now my hero.

where peaches is the rakim of unattractive people rapping about sex and gravy train!!!, i guess is the n.w.a., so i guess that makes la's explogasm the wu tang clan of this genre. i may be in the minority with this statement, but these groups only work well as a single or a song you throw on at a party to get some kids dancing, but at a show, i'm ready to move on mid way through the second song. yet what was so compelling about this group, other than the fact they are a bunch of failed art school students (copyright, robin brown) was for that night, their phoney dj looked like trashlee simpson and rocked a technicolor dreamcoat, which left you wondering why she wasn't rubbing her cine all over the kids in the front instead of standing behind a laptop. boo-urns!

don't forget to vote y'all cause p.diddy will kill you and ulimately place the blame on 8 ball & mjg for the murders. so vote because 8ball & mjg are some of the best rappers from the south, yet most important of all, VOTE FOR KERRY!

and if you know samaire armstrong or are in fact, samaire armstrong, please stop hanging out with jillian barberie. if you need a buddy to go to fashion shows with, look no further than your humble narrator. honestly, we got more buzz than jillian barberie and we won't be as loud.

the new beverly is showing bertolucci's the conformist this weekend. i'm thinking of going, but the last time i tried to see the film, my dog nearly died that day, so maybe i'm not meant to see one of the crowning achievements in cinematography, but you should, so go, go, go, go!