&t skeet on mischa: alls i ever wanted to be was a personal assitant..

skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Nov 9, 2004

alls i ever wanted to be was a personal assitant..

because i believe that somebody at an agency has pulled a prank upon me. oh well, life goes on and perhaps, somebody may have sensed that your humble narrator was a bit of a 'green horn' when it comes to producing. oh well, at least we tried and it returned my sense of optimism in spite of what's going on with the world.

a bookkeeper for murder inc. recordsd gets charged with laundering, yet what the real crime that seems to go unnoticed by the law, the fact that ja rule continues to make albums. people are making this big deal about ja rule making a comeback of sorts with his new album, but doesn't anybody else remember he released a whole album of 50 cent diss songs around this time last year and ja had that weird infomercial with louis farrakhan about how they gotta increase the peace in hip hop. funny, nobody seemed to care when ja tried to be all hard yet when he's got that robot, ashanti on the hook, everybody seems to pay attention.

i'm siding with uncle grambo here about all of this 'halo 2 mania that is going down. frankly, video games have been a dead scene for yours truly ever since i beat streets of rage 2

anybody notice that all of the black girls all collectively lose their shit when a cynthea got voted off road rules/real world: battle of the sexes 2; whatevs, cynthea has a kid and you know the reason why all the old timers want the new girls off? the newbies bodies are too rockin', i mean thats what angela said on the show last night, yet only not in those exact words.


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