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Nov 3, 2004

curb your irony

to be honest, i watched the premature ejaculations known as 'early returns' from anchormen without the charm & charisma of one ron burgundy and i freaked the feck out. panic attacks and naucesa ensued. i mean, i had put so much into this election, walking around like a zombie moaning, "zombies love kerry & brains,"; sending text messages, and yelling at friends to register to vote with the false threat of "i won't be your friend anymore."

feck, i even went on the late on air with ryan seacrest show back in june and endorsed john kerry. yeah, your humble narrator said that george bush sucked on a dog & pony show with frequent plugs for the latest clay aiken jawn. thats oddly how much i had invested in this election.

so to in an attempt to avoid a full fledge depression, i ventured into a world where the biggest problem isn't if cleveland actually rocks for once or should we begin to pelet the city with rocks, but it's which trucker hats do i model at the fashion show for my phoney non profit organzation. i just tuned out the whole world and watched "laguna beach" and within about 5 minutes, my worries about the world disappeared, only because i became so distraught about if stephen was gonna go to the blink show with kristin, not to mention wondering exactly why trey was wearing a belt around his left arm; was he too lazy after shooting up? let alone if the laguna beach kids were gonna leave the blink 182 show without getting into a fight with that mexican gangster version of wee man?

yet, what really blew my mind was when "laguna beach" entered 'bunuelien' terrority, lo, l.c., and morgan who live in the oc watched "the oc" together, and it was the episode of "the oc" about a tv show that was about the oc, as well. so it was me in the oc watching a show about the oc, with that show about the watching another show about the oc, which in turn was watching a third show about the oc.

then i wake up in the morning, to realize i got bigger problems then the kids of laguna beach. bush sorta won, my dog wants to be like richard dreyfuss in close encounters of the third kind and apparently, i got a screw stuck in one of my tires.


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