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Nov 18, 2004

day tripper

why is every single religious group, conversate group and ptaa group losing their ish over the "the nicollette sheridan incident from monday night football? i could understand losing your ish strictly on the circumstance that nicollette sheridan is a dude, but for what? that type of behavior can be seen every morning on "the bold & the beautiful", so why aren't those groups attacking these shows?

either you're upset because you weren't selected to vote or you're upset at the list, but the list of top 40 american bands put together by [information leafblower] is a great read. and of course, i created my own list of people that should've been on the list, minus the flowery prose:
-scott heren aka prefuse73 aka savath y savalas aka piano overloard
-lcd soundsystem
-the blood brothers
-the kills (one half of the band is american, at least)
-dan the automator
-the like(yeah, i'm reachin' but the girls are cute and they're future jenny lewis')
but, that's all i can think of without having to reach a bit and name somebody like the moving units or thinking of somebody from overseas.

an evil dead remake in the works? somewhat unnecessary, but sam raimi is producing the film along with bruce campbell with apparently the dude who did old boy might be directing, so interesting first act, really slow second act and a third act that tries too quickly to make up for the second act.

ali g to follow in the footsteps of peter sellers?

so the other day, i went to an indoor shooting range to pick up some bullet shells for props and the odd thing was that the owner of the range was wearing a similar sweatshirt to my green paul frank sweater. while, i would not have worn a gun with my sweatshirt, but for him, it totally worked. so perhaps gun enthusiansts and indie kids aren't that different.

speaking of paul frank, the new holiday line is pretty hot, in particular the argyle hoodie. it would make for a great christmas present for your humble narrator.

and speaking once again of shooting ranges, chicks dig guns or at least some chicks do. so if you can get some used targets, just walk around holding them up, saying stuff about how you're a good marksman and stuff.

anyways, i gotta go and watch a big deal film tonight.


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