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Nov 11, 2004

digital ash

i must extend a gigantic shout out/thank you to uncle grambo for the generous plug on wednesday's update. maybe we'll get him jackie the joke man's joke machine & calculator as a gift.

according to jackie the joke man, these joke machines are great for unpopular kids in elementary school because everybody will be want to be their friend with such great jokes and well, the cool kids will be a bit cooler cause they got all the good jokes.

on wednesday, i was in a lab talking with a photography teacher on how to accurately recreate a dark room for the short i'm working on. no big deal, right? wrong, way wrong, dude. for in the room was a major babenous rex in the room, but the girl was more like raptor, short, sassy, and oddly lethal. well, just to call her a babe is an understatement. this girl was like what i imagine hanging out with wayne coyne of the flaming lips for a day would be like. after i presented my question, the girl would turn around and just sass ish it up. she would brush her bangs out of her face and bite on her lip in a very calculatical manner. each move she made felt pre planned in an attempt to distract me from what i was trying to do. yet it felt so spontanious and causal.

maybe the girl was flirting, but i was too involved with seeking realism in my project to pick upon it. i guess that's how much i love my art. now nobody can say that i didn't do my job because i probably blew a moment in love (art of noise steez, of course) with perhaps the hottest girl to ever rock flip flops at my school.

while everybody complains about women and their ugg boots, which is fine, but what is far more durst, is when dudes wear ugg boots. its worse than metrosexual asian boys (a developing subject matter), i mean how lazy are you to be wearing ugg boots in the rain? if you surf, then it kinda slides, but other than that, it's lame. i won't front on y'all, your humble narrator had a pair of uggs when he was in the third or fourth grade, which i ruined within two months. uggs and puddle jumping don't go hand in hand.

hey cammy d, way to strip j.timberlake of his manhood now, the kid has to make "grindin' part 2" to boost his street cred.

i don't mean to spit in your salads, but i'll be seeing a very important, big deal movie a week from today. hopefully, i won't choke when it comes to the q & a portion of the screening like when i saw the brown bunny with vincent gallo there or the time i saw a clockwork orange with malcolm mcdowell there and hopefully, nobody will ask the person about cgi like they did with malcolm mcdowell.

i wish that i had some grand thing planned to celebrate my 100th post on the old skeet shoot, but sadly, i don't. although, i would like to thank mischa barton because if it wasn't for her butter face status, horrible acting, and greasey boyfriend, i would have no name sake.

don't forget to check out "the oc" tonight and be majorily disapointed by it. seth cohen will wear some nice paul frank shirt, summer will look boobalicous as always, and some witty pop culture laced banter will be heard. it's just like "laguna beach" cept only with smart people and no mexican gangsters.


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