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skeet on mischa

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Nov 8, 2004

the disapointment of convenience

dear josh schwartz,

i flip through an article in people magazine about what the cast of your show, "the oc" did over the summer. brody just hung around and got stoned, yet he didn't say in those words; mischa cemented her status as a butter face, and well, the guy who played ryan just begged for attention. so after watching last thursday's night episode, the season premiere of season 2, i have a few questions to ask about your summer: did you hang out with erlend oye? could you not get the album, "riot on an empty street" off your ipod when you went to crunch? simply cause i believe you have become a king of convenience.

the writing is what made your show so good in the first place. it wasn't a bunch of 16 year olds pretending to be in a david mamet play nor was it the high melodrama of an aaron spelling production of the mid 90s, "the oc" was smart and funny. yet with the show opener, i want to believe that the show has changed it setting from my home turf to a little town every single writing teacher will tell to never visit, "exposition city".

sure, one could chalk up the whooping amount of exposition to it being the openner, but for pete's sake, every single fucking conversation was about something that happened off screen. "oh well, i went there over the summer." "i did summer over the summer." yadda yadda yadda. move the story forward.

although, when you attempted to move the show forward, plot points were so terriblely conveniet. you created interesting situations for your characters to be in, yet when it came to facing them and figuring out a way to bring them back home, it was a cop out. seth ends up in portland with luke, how convenient. teresa fakes the lose of her baby, so ryan can go back to the oc, how convenient.

and when you have this oppurnity to give mischa barton a great monologue or at least a couple of good one liners, you piss it away with a bad scream and senseless deck chair violence.

it seems that "the oc" is going to become more and more like "arrested development" with the impending storyline of caleb being investigated by the feds for wrong doings in the real state biz.

well, mr schwartz, i don't want to spit in your salad the whole time. i did like the whole summer going all i heart huckabees angle, but other than that, last week's "laguna beach" was way better, dude.


douglas reinhardt


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