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Nov 2, 2004

filmore jive

during my week off from the blogosphere, your humble narrator did a smidgen of soul searchin', if you will. i took a step back and looked at "the scene" from fresh eyes. i realized that my life had been lacking a certain something that couldn't be describe, but i knew i wasn't getting it from "the scene". i just couldn't spend another day of me life stressing out who's the hot new garage rapper or spend an hour of my life trying to find some killers b-side or spend up to a 100 bucks on some designer clothes. i needed to simplfy, boys and ghouls, and i found the bestest way for me to simplfy my life. i was leaving school when the muffled rumbles from a horrible system in an expensive suv stopped me in the tracks, i stood there in the parking lot, waiting for this suv to pass me by, so i could get a listen to the lyrics of the song that would end up changing my life.

suburban life aint what it seems
suburban life the american dream
suburban life so pretty and clean
suburban life aint what it seems

"suburban life" by the kottonmouth kings has to be the most honest and real song i've heard in my whole entire life. never has truer lyrics been written about the world i live in. i've never related to a song by brandon flowers since i'm not mormon and i don't get discount at urban outfitters, i only get disgruntled looks from the girls behind the counter at urban outfitters, but big daddy x's lyrics are just so honest, fresh and real. the dude doesn't even have to deal with the hassle of cool clothes, he just keeps easy, dickies.

that's what i've been searching for, something real. so i sold all of my cds and designer jeans for some dickies and the only music i'll ever need, "royal highness" by the kottonmouth kings.

well, that didn't really happen. in fact, i just drove around listening to pavement's "crooked rain, crooked rain" during a hellacious rain storm playing 'anywhere but here'. where i was, quite simply. me and samaire armstrong on a beach in malibu talking about finally going through with our idea of openning up an indie bed & breakfast in santa barbara.

not to mention, that our return to the internerd would've been sooner, but your humble narrator had spent his monday getting all bloody as if it was in an argento film at an empty marine base. i recommend acting in a horror film to anybody, but don't wear your favorite pair of desigenr jeans cause the whole crew will goof on you about fake blood getting on your jeans the whole time you're made up.

i would like to extend a thanks towards missy for her attempts to do some guest writing, but i guess blogger was not prepared to handle all the heat she was gonna generate from her snaps, so here's a list of topics she would've hit upon:
-Why Fallen Food Legend, Julia Child Deserves to be a Halloween Costume Hit
-December 7 The Arcade Fire Plays Spaceland
-False Hope Sold by Little People at 4AM
-"Cathedral" by the Castanets
-Stephen Colbert Fun Buttons
-Voter's Bill of Rights
-The Meth Hotline

this girl went out as a babe from this past halloween, oh wait, no she's just a regular babe. i know that halloween party weekend has past, but what i must say is that a major party foul is when there are random 16 year old girls with nice hair cuts and cute, anna karina style shoes at your party and you're wearing 'jared from subway' jeans.

for as much as i love the cobra snake, i gotta say, he lost a smidge of buzz when he posted a photo of holly from big brother on his site; the evidence, although, the girl in the middle of that photo is redonklicous.

seriously, i'm not sure if i want to live in a world or surf on the internets where zombie porn gets banned; what's next, the thigh master can't wax poetic about elisha cuthbert no more?

we get it, you're gay. now, could you please go away. wow, way to take a joke from late 2003 on your return post, douglas reinhardt.

last thursday night, while everybody and their kid sister were at the interpol show, anybody who's cool was at the echo to witness the first la apperance of lcd soundsystem. set list and such, but i'll just say this, if lcd soundsystem ever comes to your town, just go. don't even worry if you'll like the jawns, just go and bring your best pair of dancing shoes. lcd soundsystem is my officially now my favorite band and james murphy is now my hero.

where peaches is the rakim of unattractive people rapping about sex and gravy train!!!, i guess is the n.w.a., so i guess that makes la's explogasm the wu tang clan of this genre. i may be in the minority with this statement, but these groups only work well as a single or a song you throw on at a party to get some kids dancing, but at a show, i'm ready to move on mid way through the second song. yet what was so compelling about this group, other than the fact they are a bunch of failed art school students (copyright, robin brown) was for that night, their phoney dj looked like trashlee simpson and rocked a technicolor dreamcoat, which left you wondering why she wasn't rubbing her cine all over the kids in the front instead of standing behind a laptop. boo-urns!

don't forget to vote y'all cause p.diddy will kill you and ulimately place the blame on 8 ball & mjg for the murders. so vote because 8ball & mjg are some of the best rappers from the south, yet most important of all, VOTE FOR KERRY!

and if you know samaire armstrong or are in fact, samaire armstrong, please stop hanging out with jillian barberie. if you need a buddy to go to fashion shows with, look no further than your humble narrator. honestly, we got more buzz than jillian barberie and we won't be as loud.

the new beverly is showing bertolucci's the conformist this weekend. i'm thinking of going, but the last time i tried to see the film, my dog nearly died that day, so maybe i'm not meant to see one of the crowning achievements in cinematography, but you should, so go, go, go, go!


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