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Nov 15, 2004

the mandy moore moodometer

let's face it, we've been pretty stressed lately, making that leap from a constant complainer to a man wearing too many hats on the set of a short film.

then we started to think about the rest of the production and making props and securing locations and finding actors and like eighty five million other things still left to do. not to mention, we haven't been able to find a copy of "white people" by the handsome boy modeling school.

but then we talked to robin brown about stuff, which calmed us down and listened to "apache" by the incredible bongo band like twenty times in a row and had an improtu kitchen dance party, which was awesome.

then my dog started to cough and so we took her out on a walk.

then we watched a bit of jimmy kimmel's monologue during the amas.

we shot some evil eyes at jc chasez cause he was with eva longoria at the amas.

oooh, eva longoria...

then we remember we had a paper to write for journalism, but all we wanted to do was sleep. yet we did neither, instead we wrote this bad joke.


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