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Nov 12, 2004

no time for ramona luv, dr. jones

it may have taken me at least two episodes to figure it out why i'm not diggin' upon the season numero dos for "the oc". it's not that the dialogue has become chock full of exposition and comic book related banter. or the fact that one of the major storylines for this season is an utter rip off of the vastly superior, "arrested development". the problem is all of the new characters, even right down to archie the contracter who'll probably only be in like two episodes have that poochie the rockin' dog vibe. all of these characters are either distracting or annoyning, well actually, they're both and rather piss poor retreads from last season. peeps, is zack attack not the male version of anna? is dj the gardener not just the hispanic version of ryan? mr. schwartz, can't you and your army of writers try a little harder than this? at this rate, i wouldn't be surprised if the writers start stealing plot lines from "laguna beach".

another thing i realized was that during the first season of the show, i had a lot of people over at my house, so i spent a majority of my time making cookies or cutting up ice cream cake to really pay attention to the show other than rachel bilson's boobies and making the ocasional 'whoa' noise. so perhaps, i'm realizing that this show isn't good unless you're in a room with other people so there's somebody for the jokes to bounce off of.

the beauty of life in southern california is when it gets to be like 60 deesgrees outside, its okay to wear a scarf. mostly babes can pull the scarf off or if you're an orlando bloom, jude law type, but anybody else wearing a scarf just looks like they can't handle weather at all.

the world got a bit of a sneak preview of what they wish would happen to steven cojocaru; only if, dudes, only if that could've come true.

hey triniti, why are you all 'bumpa clot' status when you're claiming sherman oaks? i never knew that there was a mean dance hall scene in the valley. i just thought it was all porno and hot temperatures.

today marks the first day of production for the short i've been working on, exit music. a quirky, little surrealist tale about art stars and what not. so if the updates seem sorta few and far between or not that certain level of quality you've become accustomed to, i'm at work. it's like tim kasher said, "art is hard" when he didn't say that, he just named a song that.

i've been trying to get my main man, p.o.b. to do some guest writing, but he said he was too busy getting all up inside madonna but he did send some mustache wax as a way to say, 'sorry charlie'.


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