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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Nov 16, 2004

that's entertainment

how dare the women of real world/road rules: battle of the sexes 2 can the ever so lucaious angela road rules, a drama queen? sure, angela may have had her fair crying incidents, but she wasn't back stabbing and starting screaming matches with other girls. she unlike all of the tubby, old veterans of bunim-murray reality programs who have made a rather patheic career of being of these challenges, treated the thing like a game and tried to keep it real and have a bit of fun with it instead of a last ditch effort to provide more attention onto a fleding, well you take your pick: acting/singing/modeling/hosting/fitness modeling/web site career.

the only reason why angela was voted off was because old saggy switches were jealous of a girl with boom and a cute hair cut. not to mention, she's totally into good music, like portishead.

speaking of which, when we will ever get another album from them?

all right, i gotta collapse now.


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