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Dec 23, 2004

finding out true love is blind part 2

our last bit of lists, perhaps ever. and with these, we're gonna take the rest of the year off. see ya in '05, boys & ghouls.

favorite albums :

1. “shake the sheets” by ted leo & the pharmcists: it's a political album that doesn't beat its beliefs into your head or into the ground. even inspite of the election, leo's lyrics remain optimistic and inspiring.

2. “alphabetical” by phoenix: ever wonder what it would've sounded like if the neptunes made records with the beach boys, then check out this record. it's music to set the mood for you and your mandy moore type.

3. “you’re a woman, i’m a machine” by death from above 1979: so it appears that lead singer/drummer sebastien grainger is slamming kelly osbourne, which is a total bummer because grainger should be slamming mischa barton and rachel bilson at the same time after making this album. the sound is devasting and relentless, yet the lyrics are something out of stevie wonder's books, circa 1973

4. “funeral” by the arcade fire: whatever a better writer than us said about this, is what we meant to say, too.

5. tie: “the milk eyed mender” by joanna newsom & “medulla” by bjork: if you can hang with their voices, then you're stoked beyond belief because the voices are beyond beautiful.

6. “more adventurous” by rilo kiley: rilo kiley finally did it, an album that doesn't wear its self out after a couple of listens.

7. “talkie walkie” by air

8. “blood thiry babes, desperate youth” by tv on the radio

9. “bows & arrows” by the walkmen

10. "apora’t” & “manana” by savath & savalas

honorable mentions:
-“crimes” by the blood brothers
-“blueberry boat” by the fiery furnaces
-dj kicks: erlend oye
-“madvilliany” by madvillian
-"grand don’t come for free” by the streets
-“since we last spoke” by rjd2
-"misery is a butterfly" by blonde redhead;
-"thunder lightning strike!" by the go! team

best hip hop album: “madvilliany” by madvillian

best comerical rap album: “purple haze” by cam’ron

best show: tie 3 way: lcd soundsystem at the echo, air with orchestra at the hollywood bowl, and rilo kiley at the john anson ford theater

1. “yeah” by lcd soundsystem
2. “no problem” by lil’ scrappy featuring lil’ jon
3. “portions for foxes” by rilo kiley
4. “slow jamz” by kanye west, twista & jamie foxx
5. “banquet” by bloc party
6. “fit but you know it” by the streets
7. “drop it like its hot” by snoop dogg featuring pharrell
8. “can’t stand me now” by the libertines
9. “yeah” by usher
10. “romantic rights” by death from above 1979

worst albums:
"fly or die" by n.e.r.d.
"to the 5 burroughs" by the beastie boys
"the new danger!" by mos def


At 8:03 PM , Blogger diane said...

i got really wasted at the phoenix troub.show after party and ended up hanging out with jason and zooey d. i sort of remember telling her about the time you posted about trying to contact her for a movie. i dont remember if it was her or rachel bilson but at th e time i was thinking zooey.


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