&t skeet on mischa: happy new year!

skeet on mischa

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Dec 31, 2004

happy new year!

dudes, if you're gonna be havin' a new year's party, remember these things:
-you gotta play "hong kong boogie" by the prima donnas at least once during the peak hour or at least at the height of amajority of the party's intoxication level cuz if kids don't dance or even at least, lean back just a smear, kick them out of your house. and if you play something remotely related to kathleen hannah and nobody dances at all, you may want to consider the idea of finding new friends as your new year's resolution for '05
-if the girl looks a bit too young, card her; even if she looks of age, still card because everybody's driver license photo are hilarious. (look at this weiner kid here!)
-always at least one of your heavier friends work as security even if your house is surrounded by a chain link fence, the skinny armed sober buddy can be easily beaten up by a group of 4 or 5 bi sexual pretty boys. not to mention, it's easier to kick out people if there's at least two people saying that they gotta go. cop scare tatics work well, i remember this thing in tustin where these rich kids were charging 5 bucks a head to get in and after about 300 kids inside, they yelled cops and collected a cool profit and a small clean up session, to boot.

anybody want to go to amoeba this week?


At 8:44 PM , Blogger diane said...

i'll go to amoeba with you, but only if we can act like we dont know each other.


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