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Dec 13, 2004

i'm wide awake, it's morning

let's just put those rumours to rest right away, boys & ghouls, the lapse in updates was not due to the finals crush of school and being the producer on eight different projects, we won't front anymore, we were hanging out with karl malone hunting for little mexican girls. my main man, the mail man is into more of the telemundo type of babe, where as i'm into those sassy ones from riverside. yet, when me and the mail man team up, we're like shaq & kobe, '00 steez; him with those killer cowboys boot, me with some smelly new balances, the ladies have no chance of escaping our charisma, charm, and killer jump shots.

although, i'd like to get this out of the way, for those who live in the lower southern orange county area, i think pretty much from irvine down to the clem, perhaps even dana point area, check out the saddleback channel, super late at night for this bizzaro promo i cut for disneyland set to the music of kylie and my trip to newport beach. oddly, that tv project basically consumed my life over the past couple of weeks and i became apart of this world where i wasn't sure if this kid i was making fun of, was in on and being along with it or was completely oblivious to all of the jokes that were being made about him. when i asked the kid to write a rap about the city of newport beach, did he think to himself, 'oh, this will be really funny' or did he think, 'those fuckers think it's going to be so fun to see me rap. fucking hate those guys'. my life began oddly swept up in understanding if i was taking a joke too far.

the kid is a linkin park fan, which leads me to wonder is there something in the makeup of a member of the lp underground that makes somewhat bulletproof to snide quips and jokes from losers like myself or what? is there a column of strength in every month's linkin park's fanclub's newsletter written by chester bennington with statements like: "you're gonna meet up with some haters every now and then, but that's life, you know. and the best way to deal with those haters is just brush it off and be confident and true to yourself. that's what linkin park is all about, being real and honest and knowing that you're going to heaven, cause jesus is down with the underground and he's sending everybody who isn't down straight to hell."

i mean we asked the kid to bring his karate uniform, so we could videotape him doing karate on the beach and he actually came through and did kicks on the beach and he didn't ask why we need shots of him doing karate or why we wanted him to write down a rap about newport beach. he just did it and asked no questions. then i made him do the rap five times in a row and to makes worse, we didn't even use it in the video. so i'm just at this stand still wondering if this is the end of irony for me?

the following bands have broken up, yet nobody cares: glassjaw, torra! torra! torrance! and mr bungle, simply cause everybody is more into looking at pictures of this girl(nsfw) and listening to that new kills song[via fleshbot & fluxblog]


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