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Dec 8, 2004

just when i was thought out, they pull me back in

seriously, who really cared about "laguna beach" after the first two episodes? it was a boring show with under age girls running around in bikinis and ocassionally being drunk on camera and nothing really ever happened. the show lived up to its claim of being 'the real oc,' since nothing really ever happens down here anyways. so i watched the final episode without any much hope other than a rad shot of kirsten and another creepy quiet, tender moment between christina & morgan.

the final episode of "laguna beach" not delievered on an extremely awkward and creepy exchange between christina and morgan and the last sunset shared by kirsten & stephen set to "sweet summer" by dashboard confessional, but they announced that they're doing a second season of the show, primarily focused on kirsten's senior shcemigoats in laguna. while on paper, that may not sound good, but the producers decided to amp up the hot, sexy teenage girl quota on the show. gone is the mopey, dull l.c. and her gang, they're replaced with some new gang that features a mandy moore type and you just know, how your humble narrator feels about mandy moore types. so we got this new gang feuding with kirsten's gang, which is bascially like the bloods vs crips, but gunplay is replaced with caddy name calling and bitch slaps. but that's not it, there's some other random new blonde, who is introduced to the world basically as the daugther of christie brinkley vacation; a hot girl with a sassy name in a redonklicously expensive car and basically, somebody whose named after the arm of an eagle jams every single one of these chicks? why wouldn't you want to watch the second season, it's going to be filled with more drama in one episode than the whole first season and as kirsten said, "it's only december." so i'm thinking by the end of the season, somebody will probably be dead.

yet, what makes matters worse for me, is that all of this crazy, drunken slut action is only a thirty minute car ride away from where i am. and it's moments like that, when i start to wish that i wasn't such the shut in that i am.

how to make an egomanical producer even more egomanical, give him 10 grammy nominations for his largely uneven album


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