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Dec 16, 2004

like eating glass

it's sort of hard to tell people what you want for christmas, when basically all you really want is a copy of art school sluts(nsfw). porn is just not the ideal gift to give even amongst friends; i mean, what do you say to the person after they open it. "yeah, you've been pretty lonely ever since your break up and well, we know that you dig on asian chicks, so check this shit out, dude" buying is more of a personal thing, yet i think i want to ask for porn for christmas so i won't have to go into the shady backroom where the guy behind the counter is too friendly and appears that he's on the blow (porn is an industry fueled by coke. from its stars right on down to the dude who works at a dvd store) who's chatting it up with some middle aged dude in sweat pants who just dropped a grand on dvds, so the skin has already crept off the skin and decided to wait for the rest of the body in the car. then ulimately i walk around in a circle with no luck finding my movie and too red faced to ask if they have the movie in question, so i leaved frustrated and embarrassed because of that walk of shame, the one where you walk out of the backroom through the rest of the store. its better to leave without anything in hand, but still, its pretty sad.

the cobra snake gets lost in translation; i point this out because of the somewhat high number of japanese people not flashing the peace sign; and apparently hot american girls strip in japan cause the money is better(nsfw)

seperated at birth: a shar pei and adam sandler's daugther from spanglish; watch the trailer and you'll see it or you'll think i'm perhaps the meanest person in the whole wide world.

so everybody and their kid sisters are walking around these days singing "lindsay lohan has some big ass titties"; perhaps the best comedy joke song people have in their head since george sang "believe it or not, i'm not at home"

in defense of ashlee simpson's style, she looked good at the now infamous "i'm a celebrity and you are too, so let's be friends" party while lohan looked like she stole her mom's boots that her mom wore to a winger concert one time.

norelle, you may have not been america's next top model, but you're skeet on mischa's top model because you thought the only japanese food you ever ate was from panda express; related news: if you're gonna do shabu shabu, don't get kobe beef because you wouldn't be able to taste the quality of meat.

and finally, i must apologize to steve aoki; dude, i couldn't wait and i downloaded the bloc party album, "silent alarm" and it's really awesome. i will buy it when it comes out


At 12:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are part of the drunkenstepfather.com crew. There was a link on their site here, so I decided to check you out.

Cool content. I like the pictures of Fred Durst, Remember when he thought he was cool... I always thought he sucked....rumor is he did in fact suck...tom cruise's dick...tom cruise is a home sexual...


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