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Dec 22, 2004

magically suspicous

all right, so i was gonna post my year in review lists today, but while listening to the new m83 album, the computer froze and something went wrong with itunes, so i spend amajority of my time putting my everything back to normal.

then i kinda didn't want to touch the computer because i'd probably listen to louis xiv's "finding out true love is blind" again and have it stuck in my head the whole day and would spend my day in target or something singing the song to anybody who would walk by which probably lead me to being kicked out of the store and placed into a police cruiser and of course, to the arresting officer i'd say, "oh chocolate girl' or do that dog panting part.

then bill murray was on the jane pauley show. so tomorrow will be our day of lists.

but if you're in need of some lists:
-pitchfork's top 50 albums of '04
-tiny mix tapes' top 25 of '04

and of course, golden fiddle will break you off with some good punchlines.


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