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Dec 7, 2004

such great heights

you know that part in the film, boogie nights where dirk diggler gets beat up by those surfers, rollergirl beats up that guy when making "on the prowl,", and buck swope is involved in that robbery at the donut shop, then there's a title card that says:
long way down (one last thing)

remember that part? okay, that pretty much sums up my life right about now minus the beat downs, robberies and impending hang out sessions with rahad jackson. instead, it's replaced by perhaps the most hellacious film shoot ever in the whole wide world. a shoot that you wouldn't even wish upon the people you hate in film production class the most. whatever could've gone wrong, went wrong. then everything that was already wrong about the shoot, went even further wrong. it was a double double of misery, stress and setback.

not even mentioning the facts about holdin' it in for like seven hours since where you're filming has no running water and the sleep deprived induced insanity of me wandering around the set mumbling out pimp c's verse from "big pimpin'," as an answers to questions: 'where do you want these c-stands?' me: 'if i wasn't rappin', i still be ridin' mercedes'. although, there were moments when i started to talk in the special music video verse by jay-z for the song, too.

but on the bright side, only two out of three people got shocked when moving plugged in extension chords across a field while it was raining. and of course, you just know that your humble narrator was one of those two. and i really perfected my impression of robert de niro in the deer hunter, too.

not to mention, i probably did what could've been the slyest hand off of a phone number in the history of the whole wide world, if i hadn't thought of it like two minutes after giving this babe a coupon for a free meal at wahoos.

so boys & ghouls, bear with me for a moment. i've got a lot done, but i still got a lot of bullshit left to deal with. and if you aren't ready, watch a bunch of pretty people engage in manual labor and stress out in model citizens and listen to that new ashanti song, 7 aurelius may look like a broke ass andre3000 & prince (andre3000, in a way is just another broke ass version of prince) in the hype video and that parts of the beat especially the riff sound like he stole it from ratatat, but at least it's the first ashanti song without: "oh baby" or "aw baby" in the hook.

and if you're gonna go to the grove to watch the life aquatic this weekend, be sure to bring a bowie cd with you.

and seriously, what's up with the starbucks every 5 blocks in newport beach? the one on pch & bayside, that's the one all the babes go to.


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