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Dec 21, 2004

walking with a ghost

boys and ghouls, your humble narrator has felt like he's been hung over since saturday morning. the ineffectiveness of nyquil on my cold just left me so loopy that it prevented me from getting my drink on at a friend's christmas party. yet sobriety lead me to make an interesting discovery.

sure, we've all checked out polaroid scene and the photo section from club bang and quietly wished that maybe one time, we too, could party with those cute hipster girls. or maybe, i'm in the minority here, but either way, the thing is this, partying with cute hipster girls is not as glamourous or as sleazey as the cobra snake has made it out to be. what seems like a good idea on the paper of your journal or ultra top secret, friends only live journal, just doesn’t work out all the way through. the problem is this, for every cute girl that comes to the party, comes about two to three dudes who try too hard to dress like syd barrett circa ‘71 or they look like they’ve spent too much time in front of the mirror working on the hair and nicked the jeans from the little sister. and there's the other matter of the cute scene girl's unattractive friends, who are generally troll like girls and boys who wear as much make up as tammy faye and probably have the most durstest attitudes in the history of the world. these little trolls feel like they own the world simply cause they know all the words to both of the new bright eyes albums which aren't even out, yet(which they'll throw in your face) and been smoking cigarettes since they were 11. basically, these trolls are walking ads for condoms who stand in a corner outside littering it with cigarette butts, making snide comments about your grandma christmas sweater.

the other problem with cute scene girls at your party, is that there's a good chance that they're not of legal age. since at the christmas party, i wasn't drinking, i decided to be security and card scene girls. it's almost like an episode of "before they were stars," only i would assumed it would be greatly more embarrassing for these girls since all of six or seven months ago, they were rockin' abercrombie & fitch with their natural blonde hair color, slightly tan skin, and geekin' out over justin timberlake songs. now, they walk around in cowboys with joan jett haircuts, hoping to be like the girl in the kills. carding these girls will save some dude the letdown in finding out the actual age of the girl, instead of spending a good portion of the evening talking to some girl in cute black flats about the plot to blow up the eiffel tower is still in high school, like your humble narrator did (but i used my conversation time as research for a script i'm working on, seriously). then again, when the girl talks about how she eats her lunch in the library, that should be a sign she's still in high school.

either, this is a sign that i spend terriblely too much on the internerd and myspace or that we all are connected in some bizzare, altman-esque manner cause at the resturant i went to the other night, i recongized one of the hostess from her profile on myspace. for my own sanity, i'm siding the whole altman angle.

the jersey guido community pays tribute to dimebag darrell while listening to awful trance music, probably, well most likely

if you're not hip to the 3-6-0, then all you need to know is that it's where the hip hop community from the 909 aka the I.E. keeps it focused and gangsta beyond belief. i mean where else are you gonna see some kid in skin tight levis and a blue hoodie pop & lock as if he's at a child pornography(the band) show. at first, i thought that the 3-6-0 was going to be basically you got served: the series, but it's just something more than that because they'll let anybody on the show, including me if i ever went up to la to try out.

the like are playing at the viper room, tonight. come and ask the girls if they're old enough to get into the club or say i'd like you guys more if one of you wasn't dating some cock knocker from maroon 5.

roger ebert's top ten list for '04; even though, i respect ebert alot, but i just don't see spider man 2 as the fourth best film of the year. yeah, it was a good movie, but it's not the best super hero movie of all time. on wednesday, we'll post our top 9 list, which is only because we couldn't find one more film we liked enough to list.

warriors, come out to play! warriors, come out and play! warriors come out and play-i-ay![link via colter]

so hype williams is back making rap videos again, which is a good thing because rap videos are seriously lacking in cross dissolves, "how we do" by the game featuring 50; hype is biting on michael mann's steez instead of scorsese for once.

i may be a bit late to the game, but isn't the concretes' "you can't hurry love" like walking through the sprinklers on a hot day? such a little cozy, piece of bubble gum right there, dude.

i totally goofed when i said i wanted art school sluts for x-mas. what i meant to say was that i wanted some new threads from revolt and the eating disorder that'll get me into them.


At 8:22 PM , Blogger spencer said...

truly hilarious polaroid scene rant.

At 6:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


o m g

add me?


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