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Jan 4, 2005

do you recall when you were young?

as i was going home, i drove by an elementary school that had gotten out for the day, which put me into a minor traffic jam of suvs and mini vans. so as i sat waiting, i saw this kid cruising by my car, who could not have been more than 10 years old wearing a newish smiths "the queen is dead" t-shirt. that kid was so cool that i should've offered him my burritto, but he would've probably turned it out since it had meat in there and this kid probably thinks meat is murder. i mean, who turned this kid into a smiths fan? don't most guys go through their smiths phase towards the end of their high school career/start of their college years? yet this kid whose probably in the 5th grade is already getting it over with and by the time, he's in the 8th grade, who the fuck knows, but i bet you dollars to donuts, it's gonna be something way cooler than what we're doing right now.

i mean when i was probably that kid's age, i was sweating the fact if the ulimate warrior was gonna beat hulk hogan at wrestlemania. this kid probably has a better blog than i do and already over bloc party.

bloc party's "tulips" video; is it me or doesn't have that 'home, sweet, home' vibe to it? the bloc party full length, "silent alarm" is redonklicous but i can't past the song, "the price of gas," whenever that song comes on, i end up listening to it for about half an hour straight.

i wish i had a bigger photo of this, but if you're not in squiting, it's australian nightmare, bai ling getting crunked with lil' jon. is she trying to hang with him to get a flavor/brigitte steez boost to her career?

gawker has the vincent gallo/paris hilton arty softcore thing back online. while this video is interesting, it's not the vincent gallo video i want to see. i believe the fine folks over at golden fiddle mentioned this as well, so i apologize for stepping on any toes. on vh-1's "my coolest years", gallo talked about his b-boy days and how he destroyed ice t in a freestyle battle. gallo stated that it was a young ice-t and if you've seen either one of the breakin' movies, you know that the ice man back in the day was sorta weak sauce, but i just can't imagine what hot fire vincent gallo brought to the mic?
i'm the prince
you sucker mcs need to cease & dieste
seriously, i'm gonna call my dad's lawyer friend
and you'll be brought to an painful end
i'll use my addidas laces to straggle ya
and you still ask me to hang with ya

i dunno, but if anybody has video or audio recordings of this, post it online or release it on dvd or something.

the late late show with craig ferguson is still the same show as when kilborn hosted, but with a scottish accent and probably somebody who'll actually listen to his guest's answers as opposed to reading his blue card. i would've thought that cbs would want to go in a different direction in attempt to beat conan, but i guess not; they still got a craiggers and that writing staff. so look forward to a show that'll go an extra segment with nicole sullivan from "the king of queens" because we all can get enough of her because the 4 times a day that comedy central shows old "mad tv" reruns just isn't quite enough.

and finally, if you're into that world of live journal, you can read this blog from there by adding this lj to your buddy page. we won't add you back, but thats cause we're not into reading about your life unless we can rip it off in a script we're working on.


At 10:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That stuff about the Smiths-loving kid was priceless man.

"And when you're dancing/
and laughing and finally living/
hear my voice in your head/
and think of me kindly"

See, that took me until I was 23. That kid will hit that at 15. Lucky bastard.


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