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Jan 20, 2005

end of the road

project runway's melissa has got to go. it's not because she's foxy, it's cause she's 16 fucking years old. i feel like i'm going to get arrested by the cops when i watch her walk down the runway, shaking her ass in a thong or as she shakes it in an attempt to get the attention of richard johnson in some bar. can melissa, the hot model go back home to regular high school and deal with writing a paper on "a tale of two cities," whether or not if brad, who drives the mustang will ask her to the dance, and if she'll make the varsity volleyball team. i can only assume that come down factor from living a life where you have to learn new ways to lose vincent gallo's phone number every night and living off a diet of cigarettes could be rather difficult, but come on, there's just something rather illegal about the matter. melissa, the hot model go home and deal with zits and wearing abercombie jeans, not drinking mimosas with dame dash and angelina jolie's weird, mohawk baby and wearing clothing that costs more than the home she was raised in.

speaking of "project runway," why did alexandra design a bikini with a brazilian cut bottom? while most latina mammies like alexandra have enough cushion behind 'em to rock that particular look. where as model mammies don't really have that going on for them. that line: "the looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand" will never be applied to them anytime soon.

napoleon director, jared hess' snacktaluar video for the postal service's "we will become silhouettes"; i thought i'd hate to be the guy who puts up the money for hess' next film, but on a second thought, you'd make so money on it, especially in dvd sales. i mean, i have no idea if legit, real actors, not a bunch of plucky kids lookin' for stuff to put on their demo reels could handle being in a gigantic stick, kitschy coma for a two month period.

david fincher to make another serial killer film, which is a mixed blessing because fincher is finally making another movie that'll be a bit gritty and dark, yet at the same time, he'll try to commercialize it out like he did with panic room and what not. i just hope him and cinematographer, darius khondji cause they're like chocolate and peanut butter, two tastes that go great together.

big tigger out as the host of bet's "rap city" and replaced by some weiner kid who dresses like the dj from the ellen show. i mean, how is going to interview somebody like mjg or crime mobb when, from what i saw of the new dude, barely knows anything about trick daddy dollars? bring back tigga and his unibrow!

you know how there's fringe scene guys? basically, they're caught between the gray area of alternative rock and indie rock. they'll tell you their two favorite bands are incubus & the strokes and how they dug that one modest mouse song, yet they're still into system of a down. so these guys if they want to be full fledge indie rock, they need to met the right girl, and it's probably this girl. so like six months from now, they'll have broken up, but he'll leave the relationship with a collection of vinyl featuring my bloody valentine's "loveless" and the plot to blow up the eiffel tower as well as an ipod chock full of goblin soundtracks and broken social scene b-sides.

dudemeisters, even though, it sucks that bush is back in office again, but always remember, there's something far more worse than his inauguration, like watching a dharma and greg marathon, a clockwork orange, style.


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