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Jan 19, 2005

hold me down

for as much as i like vh1, but i'm going to have to pull the bullshit card on them. while it still remains too soon to do another i love the 90s special, but that's not the problem. the problem is the people who have been chosen to comment on the show. i'm sorry but it's total bullshit that olmypic medal winner, kaitlin sandeno is on the show. that girl went to my high school and believe you me, she's not funny. the only funny thing she did was when me and robin brown booed her as she won homecoming queen cause she was in the 2000 olympics. it's total bullshit.

picking her to comment makes as much sense as having celebrity stylist and dude who's kicking himself for not taking that 'queer eye' gig philip bloch talk about bad music. although, i'd probably say the dude isn't that bummed these days about passing on 'queer eye for the straight guy' but early on, i bet he was.

anybody in the nyc here looking for an internship? cause burning angel is look for interns(nsfw); too bad it's only new york cause i am familiar with both final cut pro and photoshop and my college is really into computers and stuff like that.

i never really knew why i picked the college i did, aside from it being close to home and somewhat cheap. yet, i realized the other day that i probably went with cal state fullerton because it was mentioned in my favorite song by tha alkaholiks. it may not sound like best endorsement for a school, but there's just something about tash rappin' about how you'll learn more from his songs then you will at cal state fullerton.

although, if you can get that internship at burning angel, you could probably hang out with her.

portishead is back, dudes; only a couple of years late, but whatevs

you see these babes dispute my theory of a total babearaus rolls with a couple of average lookin' girls to increase their hotness factor, but all of these babes are cute and they're all rollin' around together. then again, these girls look like the oldest one would be about 15; there's the rub.

and with wittism like that, i wonder why i have no female readers?

people talk about blogs as if they're legit forms of journalism and use expressions like 'the bloggers' bill of rights' aka a bunch of weiner kids talkin' seriously about how they write serious issues with a slight spelling errors here and there.

m83 to play coachella[via burned by the sun]

have your ever had that moment where somebody from far away, yells out 'hello' and waves in your general direction, but you don't know if it's for you or not, then you believe it's not for you, yet the person is still waving, so you look around, confused, then finally the person that was being waved at emerges and you go back to your daily routine. okay, so i had a moment like that the other day, but i shared it with a small child. me and this child looked at each other confused and befundled as this girl who got out of this car, which is systematically being deconstructed in order to be on an episode of "pimp my ride" yells out 'hey' and waves in the direction of me and the child. now, the child was on the right side of the street and he just stare over in the direction of the girl as she waved, then i turn around to see if the greeting was for me, but i can't tell who it is. so i sheepishly stick my hand up, but in more of a strenching fashion, just to protect myself from embarassement. the child just stands there and looks at the girl as she continues to wave in our direction. i look at the child, who is looking back at me and we're sorta of telepathically telling each other, 'i don't know her, do you?' eventually, the girl walks away and i still remain confused as to who she was saying hi to.


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