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Jan 12, 2005

an honest mistake

if my writings seem to stop for a while, it may be due to an injury that i'll most likely receive from chairing dancing to the bravery's "an honest mistake". at first, i thought that they were gonna be some hot hot heat soundin' dudes, but then i heard "an honest mistake" and it was on a new order tip. the keyboards are so infectious and i just have this fear that one night, i'm gonna swing a bit too much to the left and fall on the title floor. i really should put down some pillows or at least asking the record company to put a warning on the album, so there won't be any more potential chair related injuries.

but that song is good enough for me to think about busting out some ryan phillipe in playing by heart style moves at club bang one night. then again, club bang doesn't play that good of music, so i'd probably have to go to one of those steve aoki dance parties.

besides, being the most durst cast since the real world went back to new york, the real world philly with its cast of interchangable, easily confusable dudebros and undercover gay guys, they now bring into the mix a girl with scabies. how sleazy does one have to be in order to get scabies? terry richardson takes photos of some sleazy kids and i bet you dollars to donuts that those kids don't even have scabies. so where does melanie get scabies? is this a bizzare attempt to boost interest in the show or is melanie becoming the new irene from "real world: seattle" ? will melanie's scabies become her version of lyme disease causing her to leave the show and as she's leaving the house, she'll tell karamo that he can't be gay and how they should get married, but karamo will take offense to that statement and slap melanie as she's getting into a taxi.

man, that joke just will not work for you if you have no history of the real world series or reality tv, in general.

scott herren talks about the new prefuse album, "surrounded by silence,": "there is about an hour's worth left off just to get this to its point of release," and the collabos that will become highly sought after b-sides are with: madlib, four tet, diplo, and tv on the radio's tunde adebimpe. collabos that did make the album: ghostface & el-p, gza, masta killa, aesop rock, beans, cafe tubuca, and probably the one i'm looking forward to the mostest, blonde redhead's kazu makino, amongst others. the new album due on march 22nd, which can't come soon enough more information here.

the black crowes are reuniting for a coupla shows because chris robinson is being driven insane by kate hudson and their baby, but it's mostly kate hudson and her quest to find matching ugg boots for the whole family to wear when they go out to starbucks and a stroll on the maliboobs beaches


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