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Jan 10, 2005

post modern girls

if you're in la and you got decent scuba equipment, then you should probably head over to amoeba tonight to check out the futureheads at 7p. i'm not sure if the kids will be dancing in the aisles cause the soles of their shoes may be wet and they could probably take a nasty spill and bleed all over the used mandy moore cds (seriously, there's like two decent sized racks of used mandy moore cds, so take it as a sign, babe; stick to acting).

and if you're in the greater orange county area, then i suggest going to the lab: the anti-mall(yeah, i know, that's a mondo retardo name, but you have to remember the people who live here are the same people that go to tommy's and order burgers without chilli cheese on it) and go over to zipangu cause they're showing a bunch of short films made by bento productions. so come out, brave the rain, eat some sushi or whatevs and watch some good movies.

even though i wrote about that the white washed, early morning stoner asian girl from riverside type, i hadn't really met one. i had only assumed those desired character traits or at least picked and pull from what i saw on "the real world". yet this all age, boys & ghouls, for you see, your humble narrator spent a small portion of his morning with an actual real live white washed early morning stoner asian girl from riverside. it was the trade off and the reward for waking up at a quarter to six in the morning and driving through hellacious rain for transfer student orientation at csuf. as a group of 8 or so kids sat at a table, discovering that we're all communication majors or at least the radio/tv/film kids are apart of the communication department as well. and this girl just comes out and drops an honesty bomb all over the table: "aren't we all communication majors cause it's easy? i mean, come on?"

then in apart of another conversation amongst the table, she mentions that she has rolling papers and proceeds to clean her purse out while the assitatiant dean gives a speech. and it only gets better after that, the girl was already on my side about transfer issues with the school, calling the fact that my film class credits didn't transfer over, "bullshit" then walk around and talked to the various campus clubs, just so she could get free stuff.

i'm sorry orange county girls who wear make up to bed and have far too much emotional baggage, but we're through with you. see ya later all of your l.a. slashtresses, we just can't hang around while you attempt to get this great project off the ground; we're all about a riverside girl these days because they're hot, hate power point presentations, and unbelievablely honest.

although, maybe we'd interested in a girl who lives in long beach from orange county, only cause long beach is orange county's answer to silverlake.


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