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Jan 25, 2005

sittin' on chrome

i'm sorry to say this, but i honestly believe that jamie foxx has pulled woolen over the eyes of academy award voters; ray as a best picture nominee? ray? the movie that looks like a biopic from the lifetime channel is a best picture nominee? where is paul giamatti? homeboy has been robbed. viciously robbed. jamie foxx nominated twice in one year, what are you guys doing? you're creating an ego monster that the world has yet to see since julia roberts and her veiny forehead? what? no house of flying daggers as best foreign film? you're gonna just nominate a bunch of goofy films about european musicians coming to grips with their musicial side and not one of the most beautiful films of all time? the passion for best cinematography? that film looked like mudd; if you wanna reward michael mann's collateral, give it's groundbreaking cinematography a nod; not jamie foxx; why do i feel it was pretty kosher that clint eastwood and kate winslet recieved nominations for their acting work, but paul giamatti was robbed and scorsese will probably win an award for a boring film when he should've already won two times before, like in '81 and '91 for you know little art films called raging bull and goodfellas, but then again what do i know? film students are the worst film critics

i'm not sure if this is one of those things that i should wait to see what exactly the go fug yourself girls say. it just doesn't make any sense for brooke burns to 'selma blair' up her look. isn't this drastic of a haircut gonna split her fan base mostly made up of frat dudes and wiener kids who are scared of buying real porn, so they subscribe to maxim? is it a feudal attempt to make her long more 'edgey' ? is she going after a part in the new hal hartley film, so her and her glam squad thought it'd be really cool, hip, and daring if they go with a haircut that makes her look like an distrungled russian woman who works at fanastic sam's and wears a wig to work because even she is unsatifised with her own haircuts?

there have been these ads for a mentoring program all over my tv lately featuring jessica alba urging people to become mentors and what not. so here's my thing, is it possible for a guy like me who, let's face it could use a great deal of mentoring and guidance, to have jessica alba as my mentor? i could really use a girl like her as my mentor because she could teach a whole mess of things like how to talk to a babearaus and whether or not ladies of her nature enjoy an evening at tony romas followed a couple of frames at the bowling alley on discount night (wednesday night after 9p, dudes, hollla!).

watch the video for lcd soundsystem's excellent "daft punk is playing at my house" videohere

a tivo tip: tlc's "town haul" which is basically lars von trier's dogville meets "extreme makeover: home edition" minus the over caffinated ty pennington and anit american antics, which has been replaced by people who have been made project managers who never show up because the store they work is being reinovent and they need to feed their kids and the store manager just won't let it slide.

if anybody was wondering what happened to ozma? remember that weezer cover band that sang songs about natalie portman? well they broke up and now, some of them are in a new band called yes dear; i assume it's more of that nerdy, pop punk sound.

topher. brody. come on, dudes, the offer is still on the table. look at how delicious that burger is? don't you just want to eat that in a couple of minutes followed by a large plate of fries and a couple of cookies-n-cream flavored drumsticks?

and with that said, boys & ghouls, your humble narrator will be taking the next few days off. to be technical and really specific, i'll be back in february. i got myself a couple of early mornings and just as many late nights coming up and i figure it'd be in my best interest, but more or less, it'd be in the better interest of the people who have kindly asked me to do some p.a. work on their, big, super important senior films. so to anybody who works in studio city, be on the prowl for me wandering your city in my car, cursing it and probably in the middle of a panic attack cause i had trouble parking at your local starbucks. so if you see me, tell me that it's all right, ted leo style and just to breathe and it'll all be over soon enough.


At 4:02 PM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

Brooke Burns is lookin' all Michelle Forbes (circa "Kalifornia") crossed with Gina Gershon (that MOUTH!). Nice Selma Blair reset, though. What a waste of space SHE turned out to be.


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