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Jan 24, 2005

this beard is for siobhan

i would've wrote something on friday, but i was feelin' gonna tobey maguire like and well, me and my army of handlers believed it would be in our bestest interest, if i layed low, snoop dogg style for a smidge.

r.i.p. johnny carson.

hey who else is bummed about that smiths coachella reunion show not being true? i sorta am only cause i wanted to pitch a project to mtv. it would've been one of those days in life of things, you know: 'true life: i'm a hispanic greaser whose in love with morrisey' (for more, read here) i wonder if that smiths kid is bummin', but i bet he's already onto some miles davis/mars volta, jazz prog rock fusion thing that i can't even fully wrap my head, let alone my ears around, yet.

indie rock eva longoria aka the future mrs. skeet on mischa strikes again; way to be jail bait, baby

the patriots=the yankees of football? i don't watch much football, but every time, i seem to, the pats are in the super bowl or every single call goes in their favor, so i'm just saying this, 'tainted title,' and you draw your own conclusions on the matter.

for indie/emo/hip/cool kids who are ballin' on a budget, may i direct to best buy for your purchase of "i'm wide awake, it's morning" & "digital ash in a digital urn" by bright eyes for eight bucks a piece. unsure, if conor has set up a deal with best buy where if you buy both albums, you get another best buy exclusive cd of b-sides much like they did with anchorman with that extra disc of thirty minutes of cut scenes that after watching realized they were cut for a reason.

dear kasabian,

you have to be the most pretenious band in the history of the whole wide world. to have the nerve to say that your sound is "the rolling stones at a rave," when basically you sound like the song, "block rockin' beats" by the chemical brothers, only not as good. and fuck your faux rebel, guerilla warfare look you have, which you stole from probably the worst godard film of his new wave era, les carabiniers.

hip hop site has called the game's album, "the documentary," a 'masterpiece' (read the review here) and alot of the other review have been mostly favorable, which i understand. the production on the album is really amazing, in particular kanye west's production on "dreams," but the game name drops just as badly as a 40 year old guy with thinning hair at the sky bar in conversation with some girl fresh off the stupid bus or like craig kilborn at crunch fitness center. i don't need to hear about eric wright on every other line; just bring back the west coast by being scary and thugged out. i mean look what happened to ice cube, he wrote such classics as 'fuck tha police' and now, he's the star of the number 1 movie, a pg road comedy about two bratty kids.

i'm wondering if "the o.c." creator, josh schwartz is throwing in this marisa/alex lesbo story line in an attempt to beat the potential adult film paradoy people behind "sopornos"(nsfw) & "the ozporns"(nsfw) to the punch? are you dreading the inevitable porno spoof, "the porn.c.,"? dude, just listen to the ultramagnetic mcs and ease back.

speaking of "the oc," and while i'm at, i hope that i'm not about to step upon the toes of the people behind save topher because they are doing something really great right here. i'm just putting this out there, but topher grace and adam brody, i'm worried about you dudes. you're basically skin and bones, which seems rather difficult for adam brody to pull off since he wears about 45 t-shirts at one single time. topher, you look if you weigh as much as a fifth grade girl.

you see, we don't need horrible shows like celebrity fit club, we need shows like celebrity eat a 1 pound double six dollar burger from carl's jr club. so i'm just putting this out, topher grace and adam brody, you need to put some meat on the bones and i'll help you out. i'll glandly pay for a couple of double king burgers from fatburger, so you dudes can learn the beauty and joy that comes from eating hamburgers on a regular basis. i'm not saying this to get attention or to meet you guys, because why would i want to meet dudes; i already know enough dudes. i'm just worried, that's all.


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