&t skeet on mischa: whoa oh, here they come, they're man eaters!

skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Jan 13, 2005

whoa oh, here they come, they're man eaters!

while everybody and their kid sister is talkin' about lindsay lohan havin' fun in the big easy and what not, but dudemeisters, check out my girl, samaire armstrong rockin' out. how hot is she? up on the bar, probably makin' bros do shots and what not, in other words, the best time, ever.
[image via defamer]

all the while, i'm at home, drinking a brew and bummin' that our babe of the week, nora got voted off project runway. who's next? that hanna-barbera created lookin' motherfucker, austin?

meaty updates tomorrow morning, i swear.


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