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Jan 11, 2005

you wanna tussle? we'll tussle

does anybody remember the old michael moore? you know the dude who probably bought his jeans at price club and tried to fight for the little guy? so why does he look like somebody who just finished filming an episode of ambush makeover? is he giving up on the good fight because bush won? is he throwing in the towel and gonna live on high off the profits of his last movie and embrace and grow to love the repbulican tax breaks? man, what a quitter.

it's growing harder and harder to like zach braff these days. if you've listened to the commentary track with him & natalie portman on the garden state dvd, they probably had a little thing going, billy paul style and braff wasn't over it just yet or at least at the time of recording that commentary track. then the cat is linked with mandy moore for a smidge, and now he's hooking up with kirsten dumpst. now, mr. braff, you seem like a cool guy; we could probably talk about hal ashby movies for a couple of hours, but i have to ask you step away from my list of "ladies, i'm gonna holla at when i'm famous". there aren't too many ladies left on my list, so ease the funk up or at least just pick one and hang out with her for a while. keep rockin' out with kirsten dunst; i met her once, she smelt like cookies, but i'm sorta over it.

and adam brody, i'd tighten up that grip on rachel bilson, since she's on my list and braff is just on tear, dude.

pitchfork has interpol tour dates; they're in la on the same night as ashlee simpson's kickoff show on her headline tour. it's a tough call: go and boo ashlee simpson and flirt with 14 year olds or get my mind blown by interpol's openning act, blonde redhead, say to friends: "hey, wasn't that girl on the cobra snake?" and still probably flirt with 14 year old girls.


At 1:40 PM , Blogger Bonham Hathaway said...

I don't think Natalie and Zach had a thing going on. I think he probably flirted with her the whole time making the movie but could never get around to flat out asking her out. He probably got pretty close towards the end of her shoots. Then she had to leave to shoot Star Wars and he had to do post-production stuff, etc. Probably hadn't seen her sense the premeire, but it would've been awkward there and not enough time. So he was trying to work his way up back to that point again during the commentary. But she clearly refuted, either not getting it or not wanting it. Smart move. She can do a lot better then a young Ray Romano.

At 1:56 PM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

Nice "Out Of Sight" reset.

At 5:21 PM , Blogger torr said...

I'm a fan of Michael Moore's work and am glad to see he decided to take a show the other day!

At 5:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen mona lisa smile? I know it was panned, but iwth dunst, gyllenhaal, stiles, (roberts)its gotta get good. I was too embarassed to see it in the movies, but I'm gonna have to rent it, even if I have to watch it on mute.

At 11:20 AM , Blogger Joshy said...

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