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Feb 16, 2005

the bucket

i tried to hang with gastineau girls last night, but the whole lou, the doorman as the narrator and poorly written punch line provider just killed it for me. just let the natural stupidity of the show's stars to provide the jokes; not some dude whose about a rim shot away from being jay leno.

another thing that'll probably keep me from this show again, while brittny gastineau may have some major whopbompers, she and her mother have a very scary, gigantic, baba boey teeth game going on. i'll probably have nightmares about them chasing after me in some creepy, argento style forest and trying to eat me with those big mouths of theirs. it's "rich girls" all over again, but with somebody's mom as the annoyning, uninteresting best friend and well, we don't know if brittny gastineau will flip out, start doing drugs, and lay low while in rehab, yet, but probably, yeah, she will.

did anybody else catch jacqueline from the first episode of "my super sweet 16" cameo on last night's episode for some other's girl who lives la jolla birthday party? how do all of these people in la jolla have these insane amounts of money to drop on their kids' parties? attention, hollywood, if you're looking for the new o.c., it's la jolla, california. a suburban of san diego has all of the sandy beaches of malibu and redonklicous amounts of money of newport beach, but the teenagers are about 45 minutes away from t.j., so just imagine the insane, drunken, debaucherious, rich 15 year old kids and the great television that would be. although, i would say that the producers sorta dropped the ball on the episode of "my super sweet 16," instead of having another episode about a rich girl, tell the story of the party through the eyes of the girl's friends who live in roswell, new mexico, who came out to california and their culture shock. but, this show is getting like p.diddy and bad boy: "can't stop, won't stop," cause i think some girl is coming to her party in a helicopter, jeff probost style, of course.

finally a pretty people's version of being john malkovich? an actor who looks like brad pitt must struggle with the hardships of getting an acting gig and living his life. what's next? cause honestly, i don't know. this movie hurts my head.

speaking of brad pitt, why are frat girls still not over the fact that brad & jen split up? that is all they seem to talk about or how they can't handle their hang overs because they did straight shots at the bar the other night. so they're all sorts of clumsy, knocking over their water bottles and kicking off their flip flops, putting me in a position, where i gotta hand them back their flip flop which is beyond gross. feet are already gross enough to look at, now my pen has to touch the equally as dirty flip flop as i slide it over. eeewwwww.

so me and my tower records broke up yesterday. i know and right after valentine's day and all, too. i knew we were going in different directions when i was talking to one of the girl who works there and she said that everybody at the store was really into kasabian and i said that i was really into bloc party, then she said who? yet what put our relationship to the breaking point was their lack of lcd soundsystem cds. in fact, they had none at all.

sure, i would've expect this out of best buy, but not my tower. i would've never imagined that. i mean this was the same store that sold the videodrome dvd a week early. this was the same store that a week or two ago, i picked up the new six organs of admittance album. now, i gotta spend half an hour thumbing through the l's section and i have people think i'm really into lagwagon as i search through the rock section. the people who work, while i have good experinces with in the past with, were just no help, especially, the new hot girl. no matter how tall she was or cute she was, there has to be a problem of sorts with her when she asks me to how to spell lcd soundsystem. after i told her how it was spelled, she said that they had six copies in stock, but i could not find a single copy in the store.

to me, this was completely and utterly ridonklicous. i mean, wasn't this why lcd soundsystem signed a deal with emi & capitol records? so that james murphy's music would be in most stores for purchase. so in protest until i got a copy of the album, i drove around listening to cannibal ox's " ridiculoid" on repeat, because shit was ridiculoid and my life's not right. i shouldn't be so ocd over lcd, but i am and the frustration level continued to grow and i called up robin brown offering to give him my music collection because i was quiting the scene and would start to listen only to kiss fm, since it would be a lot easier to find those cds than lcd soundsystem. robin told me to relax and try another tower.

so i called up another tower and asked if they had the cd. they had it and was going to put it on hold for me. the tower records in tustin is my new tower because they had tons of copies of the album, right up front in the new releases section as well as tons of copies of the new plot to blow up the eiffel tower album, as i went to the register, i almost collapsed with joy as i told the dude, that his tower is the best tower records, to which he replied, "yeah, it's fun working here. i get to listen to great music all day" then the arcade fire came on.

p.s. the plot to blow up the eiffel tower album is amazing. to me, my intial reaction, is that the album sounds exactly like what rush hour traffic on the 5 freeway on a friday evening feels.


At 11:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you want outrage about lack of LCD soundsystem album, for some reason awsome indie store Aaron's Records didn't have it but the Best Buy 5 minutes away had at least 5 copies. WTF!?!?!?

At 3:29 PM , Blogger Alexa said...

I saw an episode of Sweet 16 and its sad. If I was their mom I'd make them get a job if they wanted a car. Plus I'd only buy them a civic.

At 6:40 AM , Blogger RP said...

This is the best pop culture blog EVER. Makes law school far less boring.

What's the deal with all these rich girls not being popular until they throw a birthday party? I've never been to La Jolla, but if you rock major cash and are also a major ho, up here in the north you get around like the herpes that you bring with you.


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