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Feb 24, 2005

california uber alles

it seems like every couple of weeks, i start to write some attack against josh schwartz and the sophmore slump/creative tailspin/fonzie jumping over a shark direction he has taken "the oc" into this season. i assume that he's enjoying the spoils of his success IE court seats at lakers game (which, at the level they're playing, i'll be able to afford them and i don't even have a job in about a week or two), hanging out with killer babes and partying with his on screen alter ego, adam brody; hey, they're probably writing songs together and thinking about doing an album during the summer break, which is great and all, but there's a problem. the show has become a shit sandwich, spinal tap style, no less. you see, if i was josh schwartz, i'd never leave my house if the show i created became what "the oc" is nowadays. i'd stay inside all day and night, writing, trying to save what's left of this season; not living it up. i'd probably grown a zz top and wear klennex boxes as my shoes and live off a diet of whatever i can get from pink dot. i'd be smelly and over weight, but at least i'd feel better in the knowledge that instead of just placing some gum on the leak of my sinking ship, i actually placed my body into the hole.

thankfully, schwartz ended two of the most boringest storylines. gone is lindsey aka poochie the rockin' illegitimate daugther and hopefully to never return, but the way schwartz wrapped things up was just like, you know when you get a present from a friend and it's wrapped in newspaper and the price tag is still on the gift cause your buddy just bought that shit and wrapped it in the car, using the free nudie newspaper? yeah, that's how the lindsey thing felt; just an afterthought. we've taken this character so far and she really is that dude's daugther, so we're gonna write her off cause we're all of ideas. i mean, why did you waste my time with this annoyning, unsexy, unfunny character for a couple of months to just have her say, "i'll take a picture of wigrley field and mail it to you" (well, she didn't say that)? then having summer & seth's big romantic reunion an 'homage' to spider man, what the fuck? aren't you paid a great deal of money to come up with something better than that? isn't there a room full of writers that maybe you could talk to come up with a more unique idea? and don't throw the card of "well, seth is really into comics and i think he'd believe he would apperciate the moment." i love rap music, but you're not gonna see me throw out a proposal during a freestyle battle cause it's combining two of my loves.

the less said about the marisa/alex storyline, the best; other than saying, mischa b can't act and all i really want to do to olivia wilde, is to lick my finger and smear her phoney butterfly(look for me to make a similar joke in a couple of days). and i don't even want to say that an upcoming episode is a direct rip off of the movie that i know made me fall in love with jennifer connelly, career opportunities. so mr josh schwartz, bottle rocket up your shit; watch some wes anderson films,actually come down there and film an episode or at least ease drop on some convos at south coast plaza while pretending to be listening to dungen on your ipod. i mean, you could knock mtv's "laguna beach" all you want, but that show is actually shot in orange county and has done more for the slang game than you have.

giamatti looked over again! gq names its top ten actors of this generation apparently, you have to be redonklicously good looking to be considered by a gq to be a good actor; although that sorta doesn't explain john c reilly, but maybe that's cause he acts along side other handsome actors makes them even more handsome. jude law also got snubbed, too, but giamatti is way better russell crowe and leo dicrapo; dicrapo sorta ruined scorsese movies for me. i mean what does paul giamatti have to do to earn an respect in this world? play a blind german woman with an eating disorder confined to a wheelchair? nick cage? he basically has two types of performances: elvis or coke head.


At 8:35 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

wow, we have the eggzact opposite feelings on the oc. but i still heart u django reinhardt!!!

At 1:09 PM , Anonymous Rochester said...

Hate the game, man. Don't hate the player.

At 5:46 PM , Blogger Mike P said...

For the most part I agree with you -- but on the other hand they've had some great bands, name drop comics regularly and have a few laughs. They need a real story to shake it up -- but I think they coddle their charaters, like they're too good to screw up bad.

At 9:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agreee about the Lindsey thing, I hated her ever since she first came on I mean please, Ryan and Marissa were SO ment to be together and that just totally ruins the whole thing, altough I did think Alex was beautiful, EWE! they didnt have to do that! The spider man thing i thought was pretty cool, only they need to come up with some god shit fast to get the show back on track. Like whatever happened to ryan's kid? was it born yet? is she ever gunna tell him about it?


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