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Feb 17, 2005

disco drive

here's a hip tip for those who may check out the party pics on the cobra snake or on last night's party and get bummed because there aren't any tannorexic girlies with fake boobies and too much make up on their sites? well, fret no longer dudes, please check out the photo section for glam, an orange county night club. tv has done a really bad thing for my home because it has made everybody believe that all of the girls look like mischa barton, but really, they all look like julie cooper, cept worser and sluttier and i probably went to high school with them, too.

next thursday, this particular night club is moving to a new location which would be about 5 minutes away from my house with openning night apperances by and i shit you not: pedro from napoleon dynamite and kal penn from harold & kramar. now, i can understand pedro being there, but why would kal penn slum it up at a horrible spot in orange county where you're about to be in the new superman movie; that's buzz, son. don't waste it on some 19 year old from mission viejo who just got her boobs as a high school graduation present; save it for l.a. or cruise down to miami during model season, then slut shit up. you humble narrator has entertained the idea of going to this thing, but the chances are that i'll probably get beaten by a bunch of guys who look towards carmine gotti as a style icon cause i tried to get the dj to play "les & ray" by le tigre while they were gettin' their p-i-m-p on. and probably these blogger groupies that uncle grambo speaks of don't go to these things.

not to mention, i found out about the club from a flyer thrown on the ground of my school. so i'm assuming it's not a good party because i've been to two parties related to my school and i think i left both of them within thirty minutes after i got there. i believe i left each party mumbled, "i was never here. you didn't see me," as i backed away with my hands up, like i was getting busted by cops, but it was just a bunch of metal dudes.

i've been attempting to show how supposed david lee roth love child & adult film star, avy lee roth(nsfw) looks like ashlee simpson, but i can't seem to find a picture of avy lee roth with any clothes on that would prove my theory correct. so go on and google it up for yourself, here's a head start(nsfw).

p-fork says that m.i.a.'s album has been put on hold due to legal matters regarding samples and what not. i mean, if you wanted to check out the record, just hit up your local college's radio station or the other way, but i think it would be much funer, if you go through the motions of getting an on air shift just so you could grab a copy of m.i.a.'s album and put it onto your ipod. bingo!

don't forget that blonde redhead have an in store at amoeba on sunset on friday afternoon. now, i would go but i got a repair guy coming down and the one time i saw blonde redhead, it was utterly mind blowing and i have a fear that the second time won't be as good for me, but if you haven't seen them before, i highly recommend checking them out before their openning slot at the interpol show.


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