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Feb 10, 2005

grey day

i know that i'm probably a bit too late to join in on this reindeer game, but "grey day" by zoot woman is one helluva of a jawn. if you listen to it and don't dance or tap your feet or slap your hand against your thigh or what ever it is that you done when you dance but are afraid of shaking your hips. much respect to jason bentley for playing it on the radio, after "lost" was over cause other wise, i'd have nothing to write about and no ear delicious jawn to cover up the sound of the bathroom.

hold up, wait a minute, how out of control is she? are all of the new york girls like this? or am i and the dude right next to her, just wondering how did she get those killer tan lines in the middle of winter?; she got cobra snake'ed, too

a smidge of bad news, does this mark the begining of the end of "arrested development"? fox bumps the greatest comedy since "seinfeld" for probably the worst show i've ever seen "american dad" doesn't fox realize that starting this sunday, adult swim is going to be showing the episodes? honestly, fox don't toy around with arrested anymore, if you're gonna cancel it, just do it already, so they could get a head start on setting up a deal at hbo or something. if you're gonna keep it, that's cool, but don't take it off for "american dad." famous last words that may come back to haunt you, to paraphrase mf doom.

from what i saw of the willowz (only a couple of songs; i had to leave for class), i liked. looking like they just came from a stint as extras on lords of dogtown, they played a set of sunny, care free punk; well basically they sounded like red kross, but they have this unbashedly "hey, we're from california and we love it" vibe about them. finally somebody has knocked the thrills out of their spot as the ulimate california band. get these kids on "the oc", get these kids at coachella; have them replace the sexy magazines. honestly who's gonna listen to a band who took too many trips to the clever, ironic band name well and came back with that. and you just know that they're not sexy cause if you have to say you're sexy on a t-shirt or anywhere else, you're not sexy.

people are already well vested into this whole montreal as the new it city. i saw some dude cruising around in a shirt that said: "montreal '82" and the cty has only been like luke warm for a week or two. i wonder if any goofy kids are southing out, "i wanna live in montreal with you guys!!!!" at arcade fire shows? i heard some niners yell out "i wanna live in omaha with you, conor" at a bright eyes show a couple years ago. here's the thing just cause the music from one particular arean is good, doesn't necessarily mean that you want to pack up and start anew. pause for a minute and take a closer listen; conor obsert sings alot of sad badstard songs, so maybe nebraska aint so happin', maybe, just maybe, it's a bit of a bummer.

heidi klum, what the fudge?!!!!!!? (jeff garlin steez), how could you let the nutty designer, wendy to the final three? did you not take into consideration how truly awful all of her designs have been? forget what that lame-o, nancy o'dell has to say about fashion; what does she know? she hangs out with billy bush all day long and has not violently attacked him, yet. i was gonna say, heidi, you're gonna become a laugh stocking, but something tells me, that's already happen, but yeah, what the? wendy to the final three? i guess, you really want to pull in that wal mart audience.

and let us not forget, that we're merely one day away from the release of what will most likely become the greatest film ever made, hitch starring will smith and that laugh machine, kevin james. i heard that napoleon dynamite has more laughs than hitch and you know, napoleon only had like one joke, it was just repeated over and over again. why can't eva mendes ever be in a movie that i'd want to watch?


At 5:49 AM , Anonymous taoofme said...

love your party photos. makes me miss new york so much.


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