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Feb 9, 2005

no love to be found

you know how masta ace was making fun of the west coast gangsta rap scene with the album, "slaughtahouse" and in particular that line, "dressed strictly in raiders and kings gear/i only wear black and don't know how to act" and basically, the kids in the suburbans were strictly dressed in raiders and kings gear. so flash forward to now, in particular to last night's episode of "my super sweet 16" about rich suburban child, hart. did you see his uniform? basically, him and all of his buddies dress like kayne west. polos with the collar up are the new raiders & kings gear and hopefully will become the sign of a dude with no personal identity. i mean if a suburban kid is going to dress like the favorite rapper, wouldn't it be an act of rebelion? you know, you didn't get me an escadele, so i'm gonna wear a wu wear track suit and a doo rag or like a pair of jeans that's like 32 x 60 with a xxxxxxxxxxl white tee. i mean, these kids are wearing clothes that their parents are stoked on and more than willing to drop a gem on them. eventually, fathers and sons will trade polos with each other and hit the links with the collars up and a boom box blasting out outkast on the back 9. but you would think that the parents of these kids would say, can you take it down a couple and not wear two polo shirts at once, you look like an idoit or at least have one up and the other down, for a contrasting effect.

related, the cover of "me & the biz" still remains as one of the all time great album covers.

further related, the dad on last night's "my super sweet 16" spent a quarter of a million dollars on his son's sweet 16 party. who are these people with all of this disposable income and how can i become a hang-er on? clearly, these are the few people who have benefited from george w. bush's tax plan. what happened to the days when expensive birthday party meant you had about 10 people (like half of the people invited weren't even really your friends, but just guys in your class) at chuck e cheese on a saturday afternoon? now, you gotta have red bull tenders and samantha roson dj the thing to be even taking seriously.

the willowz are playing today's lunch time concert at school. i dunno, if i want to hear them play as much as i want to ask them about michel gondry and what's like it hearing your music being played while kirsten dunst dances around in her underwear. cause you know that has to be some sorta surreal moment.

plugging of friend's projects:
-stills from derek doi's job one; probably the most fun i've had while working on a movie, thus far.
-for all of the acting types in the greater la & orange county area, robin brown is holding auditions for his next film, for info, click here; from what i've heard, the script is pretty funny.


At 6:30 PM , Anonymous Adrian said...

Dude, that frattastic popcollar shit's been around since I was a freshman in high school. Just go to Abercrombie, buy all the clothes off the manequin, throw them on, pop the collar, and you're ready to rock, and by rock I mean cruise the Snowball, which is a lot like an East Coast version of the SnOC dance but with more cocaine and fake tans, looking for sixteen year olds with Vera Bradley bags. This is quite possibly the first time suburban white kids have been ripped off by an egocentric black guy.


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