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Feb 8, 2005

one of these days, it'll all make sense

real world: san diego's and perhaps, the hottest real worlder ever, jamie chung in the inferno2, photos some say hottest girl to ever grace mtv since britney was tellin' us to hit her one more time; p.s. fucking your javascripts, mtv; i just wanna link jamie's profile, not hotlink photos, it's a win-win situation, geez, get over yourself.

speaking of mtv, i'm not sure if anybody else saw this particular episode of "room raiders" that aired on monday, but if you didn't, here's the breakdown, the guy was doing the room raiding looks like m.j. or landon or whoever that bagel is on the real world: philly and the girls were super cute, cobra snake style of girls (i never knew that the atl had such babes; i may have to visit my sister out there, but just ditch her and head off to the varsity and crusie for babes with chilli dog breath). clearly, the producers of this show, didn't understand what karen o. meant when she said, "the cool kids, they belong together." as the dude scoped out one girl's room, he commented about all of the band posters on the walls and said, "wow, i've never heard any of these bands," then in a flirty tone, he followed that up with, "maybe you can teach me." the girl said, "just have an open mind," then she proceeds to slam the dude for buying his jeans with the rips already in them. i don't understand why the producers see that these girls are indie, so they match them up with skinny guy with sexy hair or some girl with big boobs and an american eagle outfitters sweatshirt on with the same show as mr abercombie; they're cool kids, and they belong together. scene girls aren't gonna think some guy who's a tennis instructor on the side is a cool guy, that's where the big boobed girl comes in.

and finally another thing about mtv, tonight's "my super sweet 16" looks like a total bummer; some guy attempts to have a crazy, wild party for his birthday, but nobody shows up. believe you me, i know what it feels like to throw a party and have nobody show up, the great ice cream social fisaco of '03. that's probably why i got so heavy, had to eat all of that ice cream. so i expect to see a major weight gain in that guy's future or just a rash, not clearly thought out deletion of peoples' phone numbers on the cell phone and buddies off of myspace.

why couldn't i have been in this meeting when the writer said to the network, "it's 'desperate housewives' meets 'csi'," kristin davis to star in an pilot about two housewives who become p.i.s entitled, "soccer moms"; in related news, the best thing about 'desperate housewives, marica cross, apparently is gay [via defamer & golden fiddle]

krca, the local network behind "buscando amor," the spanish language version of "blind date," only more awkward and with more people hanging out in a hot tub wearing their underwear, also is the home of "secretos," the spanish language version of "cheaters". j.c. urbine, the host of "secretos" has that same calm, cool, caculated vibe of joey greco, but the show its self, seems an awfully lot more violent than "cheaters" and want to be a bit more high tech, so they show the cheating footage on an iBook and they have cameras in peoples' bedrooms. now, the bedroom scenes, or at least the one i saw, was just crazy because it looked like the guy who was doing all the cheating, was attacking some girl. just throwing her all around the bed and what not; i mean i don't speak spanish, so maybe the dude was into rough sex or whatevs, but shit was crazy.

there's "gana la verde, which until i did some research on the show, i thought was just rip off of "fear factor," but i guess these people are going after a green card. for what i saw of the show, it just looked the winner of the show got a cooler filled with capri sun and got hang out in the park a couple of blocks down the street of cal state northridge, which if you've been to that park, you know it's a rockin' spot (the nearby pool parties get intense; you should've heard that one game of marco polo). but 'gana la verde' even has a spanish joe rogan, who probably yells out 'come on' alot, too.

my schedule on monday is perhaps some of the worst time management, evers. i'm on campus from, let's say 12:15 until ten o'clock at night. three classes with about a 90 minute break inbetween them. literally nothing to do. sure i could study study and do the chapter readings, but what's the fun in that? i don't have an ipod yet, to space out with while i write out stuff from the next morning (like i did with this). i could call people up, but i think everybody is either at school or at work, so nobody has the time and more specifically the patience to listen to me complain about sharon waxman's book about david o. russell.
i could play babe/not a babe, but it's not as much fun unless you got somebody to get into an agrument with about a girl and her qualifications for babe status.

the only thing i'd figure i can do to past the time, was to exercise. roughly, i want to say that my backpack weights like two pounds, so i got that on my back as i walk up and down a flight of stairs, like 4 flights of staires. i'm unsure if that even counts as a form of exercise, but i got winded, my arms hurt and my legs are sore, and probably, my back will be out soon enough.

mark my words, our generation is going to have the worst back probelms, ever. we didn't have roll packs or a simple compisition book to carry with us to school. no, we had the trapper keeper, and a thick ass history book, which was only interesting when it got us the chance to play oregon trail in the computer lab. whose with me in launching a class action lawsuit agaist each state's education board for lugging around that heavy english book that we only read one story out of. we've been sloughing because photosynthesis has been keeping us down.


At 12:30 PM , Blogger diane said...

i played oregon trails again a couple months ago. it was nearly as fun to watch your family die off as it was ten years ago. cholera can be a bitch, especially when you need to hunt.

At 11:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Room Raiders was in Athens, GA not ATL. I go to school with all kids and that guy is a douche. Fun facts about the show go to www.meltingdolls.blogspot.com for the red haired girl's blog.

At 12:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, what a bitch it was crossing that river, especially when you just had to sell off an ox to get more molasses...

i logged enough hours in that computer lab to get myself a spot on carmen san diego, coincedentally i won a backpack filled with textbooks.


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