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Feb 14, 2005

reno dakota

dudes, check out scary-kate's shoe game. she must be a reader of the skeet shoot.

everybody knows about adam brody's band, big japan, right? when he isn't pouting around the set, he's behind the skins. a must listen for those who wear scarf & sweater sets in the summer or for those who miss dogstar.

remember frente? no? well that doesn't matter cause they're back i saw them many moons ago at a kroq show when they played with some band called pavement and some dude named beck.

anybody know if the new kings of leon album is as good as the first single, "the bucket" is? i can honestly say other than hanging out with actors and giving them their sides, the only thing that i did, literally did on the weekend, was listen to that song. so good.

i've never been big on valentine's day. perhaps, it was the idea of having to give everybody in class a valentine's day card, even the dudes, which always made things weird. although, most likely in the days of elemenary school, we were probably too young to pick upon the implications of giving a guy a valentine's day card. although, you'd try to butch up the whole scene by giving ninja turtles, but it never ever worked. to me, valentine's day is just a forced upon holiday by women. and since, i aint got no valentine, i'll drive around listening to the magnetic fields and feel incredibley despressed.

anybody else ever stand up while typing on a laptop while listening to some new wave jawn and fell like they're in the band; you know like air syths or air keyboards? or is just me? and anybody else ever feel like their gps lady is apart of the song when she breaks in and says, "next exit on the right" or is just me?

the world can rest safely now, that kanye-zilla won a couple of grammys. i didn't really watch that much of the grammys because who wants to see john mayer make that hidieous o-face of his when he wins an award for penning a song that fat girls who wear abercombine lose their virginity to. no thanks, i'll stick with the best show on tv (i don't get hbo, so i can't say that "curb" is the best show on tv), " arrested development". i might've tuned into the grammys if they did a tribute to the red light sting who broke up last year. i mean, come on, how awesome is the song, "congradulations, mr. crocodile, you're pregnant" (the most played song on my itunes)? way better than anything those weiners in the black eyed peas ever made.

i'm unsure if mtv2's facelift & relaunch is just an elaborate plan to cover up most of the screen with mondo retardo graphics. from it's ridonklicous 2 headed dog logo that covers up the bottom right half of the screen due to the decision of the ultra convent video information from the bottom portion of the screen to smack right in the middle of the screen with even bigger letters and off putting colors. what was wrong with white and arial font? now, i gotta deal with orange & yellow text that looks as if it was written on printing training paper by PS148's first grade class?

and i assume that the change was made to bring in more younger viewers, young males with its mix of emo & hip hop videos and life style shows, where kids can learn how to dress like jennifer lopez and fabolous. fabolous and most comercial rappers dress like toddlers and user sports logos like graminals. just play vidoes and let the kids steal the band's look from the video. make' em work the look on their budget. don't create even more materialistc kids, there's enough of those already and most of them has a reality show in the pipeline with mtv2's sister network, mtv.

these kids who watch mtv2 have absolutely horrible taste in music, especially the teenagers on my street. i'm not in a position to tell the kid from across the street who was singing at the top of his lungs and most likely shirtlessly to "the reason" by hobastank for half an hour straight. i can't walk over, give him a blood brothers and tell him: "first, put a shirt and b, yeah, they may scream alot and one of them sings really high and you won't understand everything they say until the 40th time you listen to it, but this is like eight million times tougher than that hobastank bullshit."

i can't take the ashanti cd out of neighbor girl's car and replace it with a cd filled with "midnight train to geogria" by gladys knight & the pips. to her, gladys knight is some lady in a stupid comercial from the super bowl, not the singer of one of these greatest songs ever made. i can't tell the one kid that the ataris suck and he should listen to ted leo instead. so you see, this is the part of the movie where mtv2 is supposed to help me out. you know, ease up on the crunk music, cut back on the reurns of "viva la bam", tone down the number of spins my chemical romance gets (i like that song quite a bit, but it's a bit overplayed, nowadays), and maybe just play some videos.

not to mention, they played the video for "scernio" and had the nerve to not show busta rhyme's verse, which has to be one of the greatest things ever. didn't busta rhymes say: "and had you smellin right, like some old stale urine, checkady-choco, the chocolate chicken" and didn't everybody's mind explode as they heard it. so why not play the whole video?

here's my new favorite blog, dudes. the religious element is what it is, but i'm just a fan of the graphic design.


At 4:41 AM , Blogger RP said...

If The Locust had a toughguy little brother who secretly liked to dress up like a pretty pretty princess, that brother would be The Red Light Sting.

Just sayin'.


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