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Feb 6, 2005


is it me or does it seem like you have to go a really well known school like a ucla or an nyu to have good bands play your school at lunch time? it's nice to walk onto campus and hear live music playing. from afar, it sounded like the killers, but then i realized, there'd be no way in heck, they would be at my school. so as i got closer and closer, it just turned out to be a band whose sound and look was basically taken from all of their favorite things in the past couple of years; the lead singer acted like julian from the strokes, one of the guitarists looked like jimmy tamborello, and another guy was way too fashioncore with his parka on (dudebro, it's santa ana winds and all, but it's not that bad) and their sound was well, the killers meets phantom planet with a dash of moving units for good measure. i just wonder is really that hard to get a decent band at school? can't we have like some students only freestyle rap battles like they have at uci? i think more of the student population would enjoy that then some dude whose trying to get some girl who shouted out "are you guys on myspace?" to dance. in some odd way, i think we could probably get the game do a show at our school. basically, if we got everybody who has 'this is how we do' as their ringtone and grouped them together in front of a bunch of microphones and sync it up right, it'd sound just like as if the game and 50 were trading rhymes right on campus, but of course, for only 20 seconds though. and we could get people to freestyle over the mono ringtone version of it.

although, if anybody wants to bring ghostface or bloc party down for a lunch time concert, i won't be mad at ya.

what good the show brought, was the ability to size up the hipster kids on campus. they're skinny, scrwany, and oddly, i'm not impressed with their hair. for whatever it's worth about hipster kids, no matter how rude or how malnourished they look, they always have seem to have good haircuts. i could play the santa ana winds messed up their hair card, but i want to believe they would use enough hair spray or gel for their shit to last through a torando. i dunno, i'm waiting to be wow'ed.

the ipod has created a college campus built and defined by anti socialism, hence why i'm looking to upgrade and get a new ipod ( my old ipod has a scroll wheel,dudes). why not listen to musc instead of one side of a cell phon convo of a gross person talkin' about the gross sex, they are getting. gross. i don't need to hear some dude say 'fuck' about ten times in a row as he struggles to string the rest of his thought together. so if you're looking for me at school, i'll be where the girls do yoga listening to masta ace, so just tap me on my shoulder. sure, i'll be scared, but i just hate it when people come up and start chit chatting away because i look like a jerk as i take off my headphones and pause the song and go through some big process. just tap and pause for a moment, it'll be easier on you and me.

as some may know, i'm a bit, just a wee bit obessevie compulsive when it comes to my pens. i can't write unless i'm using a black & white, black ink paper mate pen. if it's any other pen, it's utterly useless to me. i go as far as to bring my own pen to the bank to fill out withdrawal slips.

and for some reason, these pens are rather difficult to come by. so i hold on very closely to them. at any time, there's at least six pens on me, so when anybody askes for a pen, i tell them that i only have on. who knows what my pen will be used for other than note taking? the rare times when i loan out pens, i cringe as i see the pen all up in somebody's mouth of the cap just being punished by some chompers. do they know where that pen has been? it could've been dropped into a big pile of cigarette butts and coffee filters sprinkled with medicial waste. these people at times have the audicity to give back the pen after class, but thankfully, most pen borrowers are jerk styke and keep it for themselves.

so here's the point, i'm in class packing all of my stuff up to leave. i have a pen left out on the table, next to my backpack. i have a gigemrous folder, like a 3 inch folder, so i have to put that away. so i look at my pen, about to pick it up when this girl, whose apparently my new school's version of my friend, laura, just grabs the pen and puts into her purse. i just sat there stunned as she tried to be sly about the situation; it was an out of body experince and i heard the seinfeld music play as she cruised out of the room. when she took the pen, it seemed like she was smiling and doing it on purpose. maybe she's a clepto or something, but she took pride in making my pen her own.

so as i went to that class for the second, the music from "curb..." was playing. as i sat in my class, i wondered do i confront her about the incident or do i play it where it lays and wait to see if she says something or something with my pen or do i just let shit slide. then i thought maybe i should swipe a pen from her stash. i would like to say that i'm not that petty of a person, but i am. i really am. but this could only happen if she sits next to me, again. i took my seat and eventually, the pen stealer came into class and once again, took a seat next to me.

i created a fortess of sorts using my folder, which has a cartoon drawing of lionel richie's head on it. (so, there'll always be somebody saying "hello" to me at school), so this girl reaches over to take another pen, i can bust her shit, gang starr style. so i just sorta waited for her to bring out a pen to take notes and what not, and if it was my pen, i would say something like, "oh, hey, nice pen."

yet sadly, i did nothing about the matter. i think what made me let shit slide was the fear of having to duck and hide from more people on campus. it's bad enough, i gotta hide from one crazy person, like jump out of a moving car type of crazy, i don't want to hide from somebody i have a class with, twice a week.


At 11:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey im trying, that show was not my booking.

last semester i invited shoot out the lights (it rained so it got moved inside and got no love), this song is a mess but so am i and barr (in the same hour and that was awesome), geisha girls (it rained on that day too and once again attendance was like alright cuz it got moved inside) midnight movies played last semester, i invited peanut butter wolf and that was fun, lipstick pickups, books on tape, future pigeon, etc.

i'm trying but you got to understand when u get hired with someone else who has entirely different taste than you it can be tough.

i want to get prosaics but the date isnt mine but we'll see.

this wednesday we got electric badness and the willowz (we had so so so...but they dropped out on sunday). bloc party would be cool though i wonder how much they would cost though cuz our budget aint the biggest.



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