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Feb 7, 2005

somewhere only we know

have you ever wrote something that was pretty good and you were on a roll, so you didn't really hit the save button too much and all of a sudden, the computer freezes or the program crashes and you lose everything cept for the skeleton that you started out with. yeah, that happened to me. so if this thing sucks, blame safari!

let us not forget about the offer i put upon the table for topher grace and adam brody. how delicious does that kingburger from fatburger look? i wish i could eat it all over. the relish, the cheese, the everything, it's quite simply amazing.

but hey, toprkey and brody-man, if the size and scope of the kingburger scare, i'll let things slide just a smige and you could get just a regular fat burger with some skinny fries, so you know you won't fell that bad about yourself for eating some thing like that. so guys, come on, let's get a burger together and prove to america that you boys actually eat. tom hanks totally loves fatburger, think about that, toprkey.

may i present to you the new england yankees, i mean patriots, your super bowl champs. i've never heard such an abuse of the term, 'dynasty'. every other word, 'new england dynasty this,' 'belichick's dynasty that'; big deal, they've won three super bowls in four years. if the pats are such a great team, a team of dynasty, an unstoppable force, then why don't they try to dominate in another sport than football? why don't start playing basketball? probably, they could easily take the lakers and maybe the knicks, so why not step the fudge up and start taking everybody on to prove how great they are. frankly, i don't see and i haven't seen it the other two times they won the super bowl.

the whole shebang was all sorts of underwhelming. no good comercials, no good movie trailers, no incidents to be blown way out of portion by conservite groups. all that we got was a horrible show called, "american dad". i think i lasted roughly eight minutes with the show before i switched over to america's funniest videos and to find something funny. i like "family guy," and all, but seth mcfarlane is a one joke pony, "american dad" feels like a collection of unfinished ideas from "family guy" writing sessions interwoven with bad political satire in an attempt to be subserive and cutting edge, and most likely, in your face. yet sadly, they're trying to hard to be wacky; come on, the gay, overweight alien? i've written some bad stuff here and there, but a gay, overweight alien, i mean, i wouldn't even go there for a joke. dana gould, probably, yeah, most likely. so seth mcfarlane, take him on your staff and get him off "the simpsons," asap.

a heads up for any hip hop nerds in the greater la/orange area, k-day is back. i guess they're gonna become the indie 103 of hip hop cept they already play way too much mack 10 and by which i mean, i've only heard one song of his and frankly, that's too many. and they take a page of the kroq playbook, with it's hourly playing of 2pac.

our babe of the week, lesile feist will be at the troubador on march 24th with a bunch of other canadian bands. go and ask why her excellent album, "let it die" has yet to be released domestically? and if does get released out here, will she provide a small rebate for those who picked up the import of it?

i dunno, how many watched "saturday night live" with paris hilton this past weekend, but i have to say this, paris hilton is looking more and more like a drag queen version of herself. the extensions, the make up, her man hands, and how she poses as oposed to standing still like a normal person, it all points to her trying to hedge the drag queens. you know some bullshit thing like, i'm gonna make myself look absolutely crazy and awful and ugly before a bunch of tall guys do it.

umm, i don't know if it's such a good idea to have keane play at whoachella '05 or at least during the daytime. i caught their performance on 'snl' and if their live shows were anything like that, then about a gillion people are gonna be falling asleep, probably getting some nasty sunburns. if they play in one of the tents with like a couple of kots set up in the back, it'll make alot more sense. or the other thing that could happen, is that keane, with their coldplay lite sound could get couples in the mood, hopefully, attractive couples in the mood and they could start making out and what not and it turns into that scene from stand by me, but instead of people throwing up, it's people making out and what not and keane would be yell something like "hey, we're british and we're important cause we don't have a guitarist, so pay attention to us or we'll call up your mums and have them pick you up" then they flashed the lights on and off to get everybody upset.


At 3:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie Feist's album will be out in the US on April 5th. I think it's on one of universal's imprints...

--robot mark.

At 4:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feist's song on the SnO.C. during the slow dance - Let It Die....
OMG! Gush! Lovely! KDAY has been back for quite a while now. I would listen to it more if i wasn't switching betwix my iPod and iPod shuffle all day (the shufle is my backup for when i leave the full size at home or something).

They had a marathon of Bran Nubian, which was brilliant, but play waaay waaay too much Ja Rule and Usher (to be fair, any of either is too much). I like that they play DJ Quik though... that's cute.


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