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Mar 30, 2005

better off dead (revised)

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brittany murphy just saw one of her neighbors and did the 'what's up' head nod to avoid an uncomfortable stop and chat.

a word to the wise, some extremely ear delicious death from above 1979 b-sides and remixes may be found here, but you gotta scroll around for a minute, but totally worth it. your humble narrator considers himself a big fool for missing out all of the local death from above 1979 shows last weekend; i just don't want to go long beach unless i'm guarnated a trip to roscoe's while in town. it's like a mildly drunk teenager on a friday night in southern california not going to del taco; it just doesn't make any sense.

um, i know it's not fun to get up early on a saturday morning, let alone getting up early during spring break. honestly, two days, i've been up by 8, waiting for hours upon hours for repair dudes to show up; when they eventually show up, i'm on the computer watching the trailer for the garbage pail kids movie. but anyways, what i'm saying is that a friend needs some people to come down to chain reaction on saturday morning at 10am; so if you have the time and want to be in a movie about myspace culture and the internerd, then come on down.

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did anybody else get a booklet when they bought the louis xiv album? i have yet to listen the album, but i'm gonna go on record that the album probably has the best album art work of the year. the bonus booklet has some more photos of karen miller in further states of undress; which leads me to ask, who is karen miller and how can i book her for a modeling job as my on campus sidekick and carpool buddy?

related, the bravery's album, although there's a couple of good tunes, the whole thing comes off as a hot hot heat record; frankly, they should change their name to luke luke warm. brandon flowers, the bravery didn't get signed because of your band; in part, probably yeah, but you gotta remember there was hot hot heat and record execs for some odd reason were doing flips over them and there was the franz.the nu wave is the new nu metal.

there's this girl at a store i frequent and it seems like every time, i'm there and she's working, she's wearing the same exact thing. sure, people who have jobs tend to wear uniforms, but this wasn't one of those spots where you had to wear a uniform; you can wear whatever you want and everytime, it's the same jacket, black tank top and jeans. i can understand why a person like me constantly wears the same thing day in and day out or at least the same pair of jeans, it's cause i wish i was a character on "the simpsons," but why is this hot girl wearing the same exact thing every day? maybe she's always crashing at her boyfriend's pad and only has one outfit there, but don't you think she would've brought over more clothes by now? or maybe she left home and said that the only thing she was gonna take was the clothes on her back, tina turner style and she's just too proud to go home and say, i need another t-shirt and this skirt. it's okay to go home and get your old clothing; it doesn't mean, you're gonna start living there again; it just means it was sorta stupid to leave with only the clothes on your back.

cush's bro has bad tase in ladies or at least what i could stomach of charlie o'connell as the bachelor and how the rules are there are no rules, which means like, there's a bunch of rules or at least rules made by caddy, over tanned, orangey skin toned, self esteem challenged girls every five minutes about who can do what and to whom. frankly, i'm waiting for an extended cameo by jerry o'connell as he helps his brother narrow the field with some help from rebecca romijin stamos o'connell.

remember that episode of "the simpsons," where homer changes his name to max power and gets invited to that party at trent steele's house and it turns out to be a bunch of yuppies trying to save the environment and this is the only way we know how, remember that one? remember how dead on accurate they were about the futililty of celebrities trying to save the environment IE ed beggley jr and his scooter that runs off his own sense of self satisfaction. okay, so that's what cameron diaz or as reggie nobble likes refer to her as cam'ron diaz's show, "trippin" is a bunch of rich people telling me that how napeal is so beautiful and wonderful and we should do all that we can to save it. yeah, that's great, it's beautiful and it's a shame and all, but i got my own problems to deal with.

remember that one guy who cried at the end of that show, "are you hot?" and they played that clip like a billion times on jimmy kimmel? you know, he was so sad because he wasn't hot enough to make it, well anyways, that guy returns to tv on bravo's "showdog moms & dads," which airs tonight, read his bio here; hopefully, he'll cry again because his dog isn't hot enough.


At 1:23 AM , Blogger missy said...

I'm afraid to listen to Louis XIV because the Union Tribune has made love to them in text in the arts section and I don't trust the Union Tribune.

Hey, hey, hey - I get to see Feist in May.

At 6:00 AM , Blogger Dan said...

I don't really like Louis XIV's music (at least that I've heard), but if the booklet is full of pics of that chick getting written on and such... well, then I just might have to check it out...


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