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Mar 17, 2005

guinness pout

for whatever reason, ever since i've turned the big 2-1 and was able to legally get drunk bars on st. patrick's day, something comes along and says, 'no, you can't.' whether it's school or not having a ride home. i can't get my drink on until like the next day and people at the supermarket look at me strange as i pick up a sixer of guinness and a box of drumsticks. what? don't you know that ice cream cones and beer go great together?

this year is no different. i have a 8am call time, so that means up by 6am and onto the freeway by 7am. sure, i could go to work with a hang over, but i dunno, carrying c-stands and setting up lights while in that condition doesn't seem too terriblely fun. although, i bet you dollars to donuts that many of those union guys i hold dearly to my heart do it all the time. probably one of the requirements to get into the union.

so, please drink a couple of pints and holla at girls like her for me. i wouldn't really holla at her at a bar, i'd just awkwardly look her over and wonder if she digs wong kar wai.

honestly, i've been watching this week are wong kar wai films and completely mad at myself for being so late to the game. holy shit, how amazing is fallen angels? didn't you want to drive like a character from that film would like right after watching it? cause as i was driving through the wendy's parking lot, i thought to myself, how would chris doyle photographed this? how cool can i make this little drive to the drive thru window be? then you realize, you're going to wendy's late on a tuesday night, nothing can make that cool.


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