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Mar 3, 2005

hannah's song

seriously, i'm still in this haze about "spring break shark attack". i can't get past how great that title is and how horrible the movie is going to be. yet this movie has come out of nowhere, it's not even listed on imdb, so it has to be so embarassing that not even like lazy union guys want credit for. also, for "oc" fans, this film could be the reason for the abrupt, horriblely write off of lindsey's character last week. can you imagine the phone call shannon lucio's agent had to make to the oc people. "yeah, she's gonna be out of comission for a month cause she got a movie of the week. its called springbreaksharkattack."
then the oc people would say, "what's the name of the movie?" "spring break shark attack." then the oc people would be laughing and probably say that they'd do their best to work lindsey out of the show and came up with that horrible exit.

ummm, does anybody know how i could become one of those extras on e!'s michael jackson trial reenactments? i saw some dude, who i swear had to have been homeless; is e! pulling extras the same way they used to pull audiences for "politicaly incorrect with bill maher"? i'm more than willing to rearrange my schedule to play 'court observer #08' on this thing. although, i'll say this upfront, it'll be a struggle for me to not run up and take the wig off the dude whose playing michael jackson's attorney, if i was court observer #08 and also, it'll be another struggle for me to not get the giggles when the phoney michael jackson testifies or not to boo the phoney jay leno when he testifies, as well. do you think that daniel roebuck will reprise his role as jay leno on these reenactments or will e! go with joe fatale aka tv's little jay leno? i'm hopin' for little jay leno, personally.

the wet t-shirt/sports bra vibe is very low with the new crop of teams on the amazing race, but the bandanna vibe is way off the richter scale with these kids. i may have to play "the real world" game with this show (every time, somebody is wearing a bandanna, you put your bandanna on and get into an agruement with somebody over nothing and cry). i mean, part of the reason why you watch "the amazing race" is to see sorta cute girls in sports bra runnning around and have mental breakdowns and yell at their boyfriends about problems they can't fix.

m.i.a. joins the major leagues, signs a deal with interscope; album out in april

sorry, i lied. i checked out "american's next top model: cycle 4" last night and yeah, it's not that good, but i'm gonna go ahead and add lluvy to our list of girls, we're sorta feelin'. personally, i'm waiting for the impending sass fight between jancie dickinson and contestant brittany; i would say that somebody's top is gonna off, but they're probably gonna use their boobies as fists.

hollister should get on their shit and start cranking out those la jolla shirts. i've already seen somebody rockin' a la jolla t-shirt. don't these style mavens who prostitue the calfironian lifestyle know that la jolla is the new orange county. i mean, it's got everything that you love about the oc, but with an added religious vibe to it (there's a really big mormon temple in the city) and it's close to t.j., so you got that going on.

and finally, the new my chemical romance video, "helena" is probably the best video of the year, so far. i really didn't want to say that i liked the song, but it's really good. my chemical romance is a band that for me, seems like i'm too old to listen to them, but if the kids are listening to them, i feel better about the youthful.


At 12:29 AM , Blogger David said...

You don't find it a bit overly dramatic? The video, that is. There's definitely something good about it, but it seems like too much. And the dead chick dancing through the isle during the breakdown is just stupid.

Maybe I'm just sensitive to funerals, I dunno. And I'm sorry that the first comment I make on your blog is to disagree with you. I enjoy your blog everso.


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