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Mar 25, 2005

he aint heavy, he's my brother

much like the rest of school, i have checked out for spring break. although, as i've previously stated, my spring break will be anything but glamorous; unless, you believe watching godard's week end like three times a day to be sexy and walking around egg shells only because i'm not sure did i link a photo of some girl in a class of mine and wrote about foxy she is. i'm rather too lazy to search through the skeet files to find an answer. the girl looked as if she was upset, like, "thanks alot, douche. now i got dudes coming up to me and saying, 'i saw you on that one blog, mischa something. you're so hot,' while i'm at the dance disaster movement show. thanks."

but as always, i throw caution to the wind.

the spring break beer count starts at 5 beers, for i have 5 beers in my fridge from like december that i orignially picked up to get drunk with at a christmas party, but at the time, i was rather sick and goofed up on cold medicine, so i figured i was bad enough as is. so that beer probably has gone bad, if beer can go bad. i'll keep y'all abreasted on my drinking habits during spring break.

this photo reminds me of late nights at albertacos, my local 24 hour mexican food place. the food is beyond amazing and the price is nice. you go in on a saturday night and you're bound to see a few red eyes and a gang of 'cool kids' just sitting there with like one burritto to spilt between them. you know, they never ate; they just drank cherry coke and smoked cigarettes outside. they never ate at all. they just brushed their bangs out of their face and lottered, yet i was scared of them because there was maybe like me and a friend and there'd be like 8 of them and they'd be wearing boots. so like albertacos was like this mixed blessing because the food was good and there could be some killer babe there, but you gotta deal with sceney little jerks who drive lowered trucks with gigantic straight edge stickers that say: "drug free" so bros would yell, "i love drugs" and these guys don't know how to order nachos. although, i like this one cause she's eating something.

p diddy's making the band: third time's a charm should be re-named battle of the streaks or beyond the highlight dome. i wish i had more to say that, but i mean, the show is just blah. you know, where's babs yelling, "let 'em fight" or that one guy sucking on his thumb; instead we got a bunch of disopable white girls with blonde & dark streaks all the while, some fat dude is yelling 'divas' every two seconds telling girls to lose weight. p. just kill the project now and focus on willmer vasquez's record.

so m night shyamalan to follow up undelicious the village with a remake of spalsh? i think defamer beat me to the punch on joke about the surprise twist ending, but i'm hopin that topherkey grace continues on that quest of being the new tom hanks and compagins to be in this film.

wong kar wai's 2046 to finally get a state side release in the fall, but if you're cool, you've already seen it, but it was on your tv screen, so it wasn't as good.

and finally, man, our babe of the week title has to be the kiss of death for cute girls on reality tv. as you see, our babe of the week for this week, the starlet's lauren got kicked off and once before, we had a girl from "project runway" as our babe of the week and she got voted off that week, too. so i'm thinking, if you got anybody on a reality show, you don't like and would be sorta believable as a babe of the week, holla at me and we together, might get her off the show.


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